Introducing Your Perfect Scents for Spring

Miranda Priestly might have sarcastically said florals in spring are sarcastically “groundbreaking”, but when it comes to scents they’re all the rage for the seasonal change. 

Spring isn’t just the time to clean my house, but also my beauty cupboard from skincare to makeup right down to the fragrances I like to indulge in. Gone are the heavy mysterious scents, replaced with fresher, lighter, more playful aromas. And it’s not just perfumes either, I also like to switch up my around the house scents too; think candles, diffusers etc. 

So while we shrug off the winter blues, here are some of the fragrances you’re gonna want to have around this spring leading into summer.

Fig & Lotus Flower | Cyprus & Grapevine

Jo Malone 

The leader in luxury fragrance that lasts has released two new scents in September that will tickle your senses. (Try saying that five times fast!) Labelled their Lost in Wonder collection, the new scents are inspired by the ancient lost Hanging Gardens of Babylon. The first word that comes to mind with the Fig and Lotus Flower is fresh; top notes full of greenery and underlying notes of a dewy, floral lightness. Then there’s the Cyprus & Grapevine: it’s a lot more bold and earthy than the floral counterpart, filled with warm woody freshness; a sort of midnight in the forest vibe. 

Jo Malone

Midnight in Milan | Forever Florence

Glasshouse Fragrances 

Glasshouse are renowned for their scented candles that light up your space but did you know they also do perfumes? Scent aside for the moment, their atomisers are purse-worthy, insta-worthy, and everything else worthy; I get so many compliments when I pull them out of my bag for a spritz. 

We all know we can’t travel at the moment, but these Glasshouse Eau De Parfums can help take us to distant shores. For a spring daytime jaunt, I’m going with Forever Florence; the scent is sweet and floral delightful peonies, lilies, jasmine and just a hint of musk to evoke sunshine and fun in Italy. For the nighttimes, Midnight in Milan is the pick; think dark evocative rose notes, saffron and a hint of earthy moss. The Twist & Spray Travel Atomisers are $69.95. 


White Rose and Jasmine | Sea Salt | Coconut and Lime

Palm Beach 

If you want to fill your home with the scents of the season, you can look at candles and diffusers to really make it feel like spring. Palm Beach have amazing scents this season that can transport you to lush gardens, the beach and beyond, even if you’re stuck inside. Evoke the vibes of a garden party with White Rose and Jasmine. Then if you want beach vibes, go for a Sea Salt, or the Coconut and Lime and you’ll imagine yourself basking in the sunshine sipping cocktails as the waves roll in. 

Palm Beach

The Athena Collection | Arizona Bloom

Floral Street 

For the ultimate in spring scents, you can’t go past this literal library of petals from Floral Street. I’ve had people ask “OMG what perfume are you wearing?” every time I wear these (shout out to Neon Rose). The best part is that you don’t have to commit to a fragrance before you know you love it: they have The Discovery Set with tiny samples to let you choose which you love the most, OR the travel friendly collections such as Athena or Mockney Sass, featuring purse-size spritzes of four different scents. These fragrances shout spring/summer from the rooftops’ I got the Athena Collection and for the first time ever I love all scents in the collection, so nothing is going to go to waste. Oh, and check out their new Arizona Bloom scent – it’s super fresh with a twist in the tail, meant to evoke feelings of nomadic freedom and wide open desert plains. 

Floral Street



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