It’s The War on the Election! Comedians Charles Firth (The Chaser), James Schloeffel (The Shovel) and Mark Humphries (ABC’s 7:30) have joined forces to provide a masterclass on the ancient art of political bullsh*tting, just in time for the Federal Election.

Completing the trio’s trilogy of sold-out shows (following 2019’sWar on the F*cking Election and War on 2021), Spin will explore the techniques of deception and manipulation used by politicians to win people over.  With their trademark satirical edge altogether, Charles, James and Mark have planned for the 2022 Federal Election with more scrutiny than all the major parties combined.

With seat-by-seat analysis and deep dives on all the techniques politicians use to deceive, lie, evade and dissemble, it’s like the election night coverage, but with really hot, sexy hosts. Will Morrison be able to pull off back-to-back miracles? Which desks in Parliament House are safe to touch? What photo op pairs best with covering up a sex scandal? What on earth is an ‘Anthony Albanese’ anyway? Spin has every possible election question answered.

“We look forward to presenting audiences with a nuanced election show, but we decided that was too hard so we just called Peter Dutton a potato instead,” said Charles Firth.

“It’s the only show where we cook a Scott Morrison curry live on stage,” said James Schloeffel. 

“I’m only here to be eye candy,” said Mark Humphries.

Praise for previous shows 
★★★★ “Side-splitting … a cut above” The Adelaide Advertiser 
★★★★ “An onslaught of razor-sharp insights and sardonic satire” The Barefoot Review
★ “I’ve engaged lawyers” Christian Porter 

With standing ovations at every show throughout the Adelaide Fringe Festival, Wollongong and Darwin performances, catch the show when it comes to Brisbane for one night only at the Powerhouse.

Tues April 12                  Brisbane           Powerhouse


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