Suit of Change: Dressing Men For Success

Job interviews can be daunting for many and having the right attire for the occasion can make a world of difference. Suit of Change looks to empower men, allowing them to thrive in our modern society and showcase their best-dressed self while standing out from the crowd. This is achieved each year through Suit Of Change Day, where for one day each year, where pre-loved business suits, shirts, trousers, ties, cufflinks and belts are handed into the Suit of Change Headquarters.

Suit of Change was initially created to bring awareness to Unlimited Potential, a social initiative which relies on donated pre-loved suiting and men’s tailoring, allowing disadvantaged, refugeed and unemployed men in the community to dress assuredly for job opportunities. Since a great deal of communication is largely nonverbal, appearance and confidence can often be the make-or-break in first impressions during interview situations.

Unlimited Potential delivers suits, business shirts, trousers, ties, shoes, belts and cufflinks to non-profit organisations and create the ideal wardrobe. To empower these men is to change their path. And with success stories already coming from this initiative, it is easy to see the virtue of such a system. Recently one of their clients, Jordan a 24-year-old cancer survivor who, thanks to Suit of Change, successfully landed a job with Vodafone Australia.

Through these programs, Matt Ferguson of Wil Valor hopes to highlight the social and emotional benefits from being confident and comfortable in yourself, and how clothes play a huge part in achieving this self-belief. Matt and the volunteer team focus on finding the best fit, patterns and colour palettes for each individual to tailor their wardrobe to their needs. This is not only helping them achieve short term with style, but teaching them to continue this in the future.

Unlimited Potential and Suit of Change are always looking for donations of men’s suiting and tailoring, as well as volunteers who are trained in helping style clients to dress for success.


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