The Age Of The Woolly Mammoth

The special features of a local public house comes down to the layout, the decor, the music, the games, the food, the etiquette and ritual practices and, of course, the drinking. The traditional beer hall takes these attributes, placing a spotlight on the beer itself, and elevating the vibe to communal revelry, sports on the big screen, hearty plates and litre steins of beer. And the ultimate ambition of the local public house is to serve as a sanctuary, enforcing its unique etiquette and rituals through the ambiance, staff and service.

From Ann Street, the Woolly Mammoth Alehouse is the ultimate man cave, reinventing the traditional beer hall to suit our local modern lifestyle. Everything about this place alludes to sheer size in proportion, space and scope. Brothers Lachlan and Duncan Bird bring their magic touch of West End’s Lock’n’Load to The Valley, with epic results, spearheaded by Melbourne import GM Matthue Wood and his team. The Mammoth creates a landscape that extends beyond partying and interaction to include first-rate ales, an accomplished menu, and music that matters; all embellished by art, design and our local culture.



Interior duties were taken on by local designer rockstar Alexander Lotersztain – he of the Limes Hotel, Alfred & Constance, Kwan Brothers, Depot and Derlot Design fame, with other public areas around the city centre to his credit. The Argentinian-import has created a special space reflective of The Mammoth’s unique personality; right from the moment you pass by the behemoth picture window that allows for plenty of ogling in – and out.


From the lower level of The Alehouse, the union of exposed brick with wooden interiors are a hearty welcome, the vast space filled to the brim with nifty mismatched furniture, novelty items and toys, neon lights flashing clever messages and plenty of goodies – including over 30 craft beers on tap beneath neon signage Golden State of Mind. The usual top suspects of Stone & Wood and 4 Pines lead the beer charge, but The Mammoth blend adds that extra touch of individuality to a venue already brimming with distinctiveness. Growlers of these craft beer flavours are available so you can take away your favourite golden beverage while Matt ‘Beermatt’ Kirkegaard will also be on regular beer education duties. Meanwhile, the behemoth Woolly Mammoth in residence from the middle of the floor is an imposing mascot, overlooking the air hockey table and surrounding proceedings of live entertainment and general frivolity with non-prejudiced blasé eyes and colossal tusks.


Under the authoritar of Head Chef Joseph ‘Pesto’ Patton, the kitchen churns out a killer menu; definitely the perfect ‘man food’.The slow cooked beef short ribs in stout jus, horseradish potato salad & beetroot relish for example, are so large, perhaps a few mammoths were sacrificed for the cause. A menu of meat, cheese and vegetable platters are served with fried chicken, pork knuckle, rolls, fries, hot dogs and pizzas as well as salads for those looking to keep their girlish figures. But even this simple menu has been reinvented, elevating traditional pub grub up a notch to upmarket counter meals. From the confit chicken drummettes, twice cooked with spiced salt & buttermilk mayo to the Pig & Fig Pizza with prosciutto, fior di latte, ximenez baby figs & rocket, pork knuckle with sauerkraut, peach chutney & cider jus, cuca Sardines, lemon & capers and dutch style fries served with mayo, satay and fried onions and salad of steeped figs, olives, honeycomb & marinated feta with prosciutto and Charcuterie, Cheese and Vegetable platters, revamped for ultimate enjoyment served from a pizza box: welcome to Comfort Food City that caters to all tastes.


Ascend to the heavens of Stair Wars, with the opening credits to The Empire Strikes Back running the length of the staircase. On level two it’s a cross roads of adventures, depending upon your mindset. Take the right to The Mane Stage where the best in underground dance music, independent live artists and monumental bands take over the colossal stage. If ever there was an area within The Mammoth to return to the primeval, this is the spot. In ancient days, the union of religion and music meant a divine experience, and the large-scale quality production enforces this spiritual assent with bass and electronic music crossbreeds. Sampology debuted his latest AV show and single Shine A Light featuring Daniel Merriweather from this stage, with Jordan Reiki and Tom Thum along for the ride. The upcoming booking with Wu Tang Clan’s Ghostface Killah for December 12 also looks a rather mint one.


For light hearted quests, take the left at the stairs to the gaily coloured Garden Bar. Overlooking the hustle and bustle over Ann Street below, this area is a testament to the pastel 60s, where vines, plants, astroturf, white wicker furniture and our own subtropical climate provides the perfect settings for games of bocce and giant jenga. Local DJs play the best in chilled vibes, as a big screen projects the visuals (and sounds) from the Mane Stage so no one misses out on what’s going on. It’s a very cool and relaxed area suitable for garden hats, linen pants or casual jeans.


The Mammoth has rebirthed the iconic Aussie pub for the modern Renaissance Brisbane bloke and gal. Certainly tastes for eat, drink and lifestyle are well indulged – in prodigious proportions too, of course. There’s no scrimping, holding back or restraint here in this Ann Street citadel. It’s where ever the spirit leads you.

Woolly Mammoth Alehouse
633 Ann Street, Fortitude Valley
07 3257 4439


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