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The Beauty Hit List: September 2018

Well helloooooo spring! September has been dazzling, literally, when it comes to all the pretties that hit shelves. Here’s the must-haves you need to add to your collections.

Too Faced Cheers to 20 Years Birthday Collection, from $30
Oh my glittery stars! If you like sparkle, shimmer and shine then feast your eyes on this blindingly beautiful collection. To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Too Faced brand, they’ve released a prettier than pretty collection which gives a modern twist to their original release products. The limited edition Then and Now Eye Shadow Palette has the 10 shades that made TF famous (with a modern formula overhaul), plus 10 totally new shades inspired by the 1998 range with a 2018 trendy twist. Think festival glitter pretty. The pigment is out of this world and a little goes a long way with their new formulations. It’s a must for any TF fan.

And, since the original line launched with glittery metallic lipsticks, the brand has reimagined the shades with … you guessed it … a 2018 twist. They’re still metallic and bold, but less 1990s Barbie Girl and more Festival Unicorn Chic. I am particularly in love with the Too Too Hot, because metallic red sets this beauty lover’s lipstick obsessed heart on fire. And finally, their cult favourite mascara has been renamed Better Than Birthday Sex and *drumroll please* COVERED IN GLITTER. Get it now to up your Insta game, guys and gals. Available from Mecca Maxima.

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Benefit Brow Contour Pro, $55
First it was face contouring, then body contouring, now it’s all about contouring for your brows! A good pair of eyebrows can practically give you a facelift, so learning how to add dimension to them is kind of magic. Enter Benefit, with their four-in-one pencil designed to take your brows to the next level. It has two shades to fill in gaps, one to give edges that extra pop and a highlighter to accentuate your arch. And did I mention it was FOUR PRODUCTS IN ONE?! Space saving with maximum usefulness, we love a multi-tasker. Better still, it’s as easy as colouring in (which is driven home in the Brow Contour Pro’s kitchy, clicky pen design you remember from your school days.). It’s genius and idiot proof with high pigment payoff, which is great for lazy gals like me. Available from all Benefit counters.

Jergens Oil Infused Moisturiser with Enriching Shea Butter, $11.99
While my skin is still attempting to recover from winter, I’ve finally found a moisturiser that sinks seamlessly into my skin without leaving any greasy residue. It also has skin brightening “technology” which they call illuminating Hydralucence®. To be honest, I don’t really care what they call it, I just love it. It’s an excellent transeasonal moisturiser perfect to use as the weather heats up. Available in Priceline.

Nude by Nature LUXE Pro Make-up Case, $99.94
While we are talking limited edition, get your wallets ready for the annual Christmas sets already hitting stores. Nude by Nature’s Pro Make-Up Case includes a case filled with some of their best selling brushes with a sexy Christmas makeover. Think gorgeous cream case with a rose gold trim. It’s gonna look hot on your vanities, pretties. Available from Nude by Nature website.

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Fenty Beauty Diamond Bomb All-Over Diamond Veil, $56
Ever wondered what your skin would look like covered in millions of teeny, tiny diamonds? Well thanks to our gal Riri and Fenty Beauty, wonder no more. Forget dense shimmer, this formula is so delicate and finely milled it looks like the glittery glow is just, kind of, emanating from your skin. Look, my description isn’t doing it justice, you need to go in there and swatch the heck out of it yourself. And while you’re at it, pick up the new Fenty Beauty Kabuki Brush in their dreamy signature pink shade to apply that frosting ALL over your body. Available from Sephora.

Too Faced Born This Way Super Coverage Concealer, $42
I always that say if (for whatever weird reason) I could only have one makeup product, concealer would be it. And when the formula is as bomb as this new extension of the Born This Way Collection, I’d double, no, TRIPLE down on that statement. Not only is the coverage top-notch, but it’s hydrating and the finish is almost entirely undetectable. I adore the creamy consistency and the fact that there’s no nasty telltale flashback when snapping pics. Use it as a regular concealer, or use it to sculpt or highlight. I covered up my dark circles, wore NO foundation and people kept telling me how amazing my skin looked all day (and into drinks that night). A must for any makeup collection. Available from Mecca Maxima.

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Nars Climax Mascara, $35
If you’re looking for drama, drama, drama with your lashes then look no further than Nars’ new mascara. I mean daaaaayum they don’t call it Climax for nothing. When I wore this out, at least three people complimented my lashes and one even told me they were the most realistic falsies they’d ever seen. She practically fell over when I told her those eyelashes were alllllll mine. As the marketing spins says, its hardcore lift, softcore feel formula will stay put, and won’t clump. It feels only right to continue the innuendo here and say this is one Climax you’ll never have to fake. Available from Mecca Maxima.

Bourjois Eyecatching Nude Eyeshadow Palette, $28
When someone says “send nudes” these are the ONLY ones I’ll accept! Mega pigment that stays put for 12 hours, super blendable and uber neutral hues that will work for any look. It has eight shades with a variety of formulas from mega pearlescent, to sparkly to matte. But the very best feature of this palette in my opinion is the packaging. The little mirror SWIVELS for on the go touch-ups. So pretty and so functional! Available from Priceline.

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