The Best New Beauty Products Hitting Sephora Before 2019

We’re already more than halfway through the year (where the heck did that go?!) but there’s still loads of good stuff to go in 2018. I was lucky enough to attend Sephora’s Exclusive Brands Showcase (aka beauty heaven) and got the hot scoop on the best, prettiest, most excellent skincare and makeup releases to hit shelves these years. Here’s what I put on my wishlist, from specific products to entire brands.

1)    Foreo UFO Mini Smart Mask Treatment. 
This little facial device is an entire sheet mask sessions along with spa-quality facial in just 90 seconds! The non-mini version is already a hit in stores, but this version comes with a smaller price tag. The only difference is it doesn’t have the cryotherapy setting that the other devices do, but it DOES have a warming Thermo-Therapy setting to infuse the mask goodness, T-Sonic pulsations to boost absorption, and LED light therapy functions. All of these can be controlled via an app on your phone. Welcome to the future! Available now.

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2)    Ole Henricksen Cold Plunge Pore Mask
This turquoise mask has been taking over Instagram as beauty bloggers take the most picture-perfect selfies with this vibrant, fresh formula. But it’s not just a pretty face, this mask reduces the look of pores, purifying them and keeping oil under control for up to eight hours! Inspired by the “cold plunge” of the Scandinavian sauna cycle, this mask gives an exhilarating chill while it shrinks your pores. Available now.

3)    Commodity fragrances
Designer fragrances without the designer price tag? YES PLEASE. The theory behind this unisex fragrance brand is that they get the best perfumers in the world, give them all the resources and tell them to make amazing scents. See, like a painter, each master perfumer tends to have variations on a theme and similar notes when designing fragrances. Sourcing different creators allow Commodity scents to retain a glorious uniqueness and individual personality. Adore the fact that each scent is unisex too. New scent Bois was my favourite on the day. Available now.

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4)    Nudestix Tinted Blur Stix
I am a lazy ass when it comes to makeup and it turns out I’m not the only one! The gals at Nudestix are all about natural beauty, fast and these Tinted Blur Stix are the BOMB. You can read all about their story here. Think CC cream in stick form, that blurs pores, controls oil and evens out skin tone with hardly any effort at all. Hello, sleep in! Available now.

5)    Pretty Vulgar
When I saw the name of this brand I thought “It’s ME IN MAKEUP FORM!” and according to Global Education Manager Nikki Rust, that’s exactly the type of demographic they are catering for. Like their target client, the makeup looks SO SO pretty on the outside, but inside has all kinds of sassy, dirty names like Head Bitch and Bury Them With A Smile. It’s all about beautiful contradictions, and their vintage-inspired packaging makes it easily worthy of pride of place on your vanity. Available now.

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6)    Marie Dalgar
Holy holographic, Batman! This brand is all about colour, colour, colour. Think rainbow tinted highlighter shades, iridescent eyes and pastel pretties. Whether you want to rock an ethereal glow, or rock up to a music festival in all your holographic glory, this Japanese cult hit is for you. Available October 2 online and October 3 in store.

7)    IT Cosmetics CC Cream Matte and It’s Your Brush Love
IT Cosmetics keep hitting the ball out of the park with their covetable, skin-loving releases. The fan favourite CC Cream is back with a new matte finish and a whole bunch of new shades (perfect for me as I was in between the Fair and Light shades and now they have a Fair Light!). This new formula stays put without drying you out, as well as containing all manner of good ingredients to keep your skin hydrated. Then there’s the miracle that is the It’s Your Brush Love makeup brush cleaning spray. Clean your makeup brushes in just 60 seconds and have them completely dry AND conditioned after a quick spritz and swirl. Perfect for makeup artists or just those who don’t have time for a regular brush deep clean. Available now. IT’s Your Brush Love in select Sephora stores only.

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8)    Dior Backstage
Get your Dior on for a fraction of the cost with their new diffusion line. Featuring loads of foundation shades in buildable coverage, shimmery highlight and eyeshadow palettes, contouring and lip palettes and a set of brushes to die for. Plus, it’s Dior, darling.  Available now.

9)    Becca Be A Light Palette
This palette is the prettiest darn pretty that ever prettied. Seriously, I looked at it and was blinded by beauty. Inside the gorgeous rose gold packaging is a full face, finishing palette infused with innovative Light-Diffusing Technology in 4 finishes. The formula blurs imperfections and reflects light, giving you an untouchable glow. And the palette is even inspirational with each one featuring a different surprise mantra inside. Mine says Be Fearless. Whatever you say, Becca! Available now

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10)    Natasha Denona
Want to glow like an angel? Get your Natasha Denona on. Their highlighting powder is so finely milled that it glides on and you can’t see ANY of the individual pigments. You’re just left with a dreamy glow that looks too good to be true. And wait til you see the blush and glow palette I saw at the Showcase. Not sure when it’s getting an Aussie release but one of the powders is called Diamond and when swatched looked like there were a million microscopic diamonds on my hand. Brand available now.

11)    Tarte Creaseless Concealer
Look, they haven’t brought their iconic Shape Tape to Aussie shores yet, but this new Creaseless Concealer might be better. Featuring all the goodness of the Shape Tape, this new formula also boasts water-resistant properties and has their signature maracuja oil in it for the ultimate in skin softness. When this was applied under my eyes, I swear to god I looked awake for the first time in weeks. Their little signature brush to apply it with is pretty darn effective at leaving a streak-free finish too. Available now.

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12)    Votary
Think pure botanicals and natural plant-based products that do way more than just smell good. Founder and creator Arabella Preston says “I am passionate about the skin-transforming power of natural oils – that means oils that are derived from plants – whether it’s a vegetable, fruit, seed or flower. Natural plant oils are packed full of nature’s super-ingredients and are rich in soothing and anti-ageing nutrients. Votary’s natural plant oils absorb and penetrate, nourishing and hydrating your skin. They won’t sit on the surface of your skin in the way creams or man-made mineral oils do.” She believes in sustainability too, with all packaging recyclable and strictly no animal testing. Available now.

13)    Kopari
Everyone is all about coconut oil these days, and Kopari is the queen of the trend. They “pinky swear” all of their products are made with the most natural ingredients and have 100 per cent coconut oil sourced from the Philippines as a base. They say that coconut oil is amazing for skin AND hair and I can’t wait to put that to the test. Available now.

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14)    Allies of Skin
Get ready for “adaptogenic” skin care! “What the heck is that?” you ask. It’s a little philosophy all about how our skin can heal and correct itself but sometimes needs a little nudge. This brand is all about enhancing that natural healing process and rebooting your skin to ensure it performs at its best. Think of it as a personal trainer for your skin, it helps you with the work you do so you have max benefits in your training downtime. WIN! Available online September 20.

15)    Uma Oils
It’s all about oils this season, and Uma Oils are at the forefront in terms of quality of this trend. Over their rich history, this brand has been the much sought-after supplier of oils to high-end luxury brands from Tom Ford to Estee Lauder. These guys have been in the luxe wellness oil business for CENTURIES and have honed their craft to a fine art; their formulations are a well-guarded industry secret. Available now.


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