The Dry Shampoo Mistake You’re Probably Making

I swear in winter my hair turns into 90 per cent dry shampoo. When it’s bloody freezing, the last thing you want to do is wash your hair; all that water, and the lathering, and the shivering like a crazy person the second you step out of the shower. And when you have as much hair as I do, it can take more than half an hour to blowdry it sufficiently so that it doesn’t turn into an icicle upon leaving the steamy bathroom. 

So I turned to dry shampoo (Batiste Luxe, $9.99 from Priceline to be precise) to lessen the number of times I would need to drench my head each week. I used to get up, give my hair a spritz, shake it out and then walk out the door. And for a while I thought this was fine, but guys… there’s a better way!

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What if I told you you were meant to use your dry shampoo at night? Mind blown, right?!

See, the whole function of dry shampoo is to soak up the oils that make our hair look limp and… well oily. When you just spray and go, sure your hair will look less dirty but you might still have a slight powder residue on your roots which is no good.

Instead, spray it on before you go to bed, being careful to work it into your roots with your fingers. Then sleep on it, literally. This gives the powder more time to soak up the oils and blend in with your natural hair i.e. the one job you gave it to do.

In the morning, you’ll arise with gorgeous, no-longer feral and dirty looking hair. Also FYI I tested out how many days I could go without a wash for, using only dry shampoo… it’s six days. SIX. So much hair washing time saved. I mean, my hair was a little wild near the end but it can be done, and that’s what is most important.

And this life-changing product isn’t only for lazy people (although it does definitely help me… er, them). It can also be for those who just want a quick volume boost.

I used to get really annoyed that the first day I washed my hair it would be totally flat. I would put my hair up, patiently (or rather, impatiently) waiting for my glorious second-day hair to emerge from this lifeless mess. But when I discovered the magic of dry shampoo I started getting so many compliments on how full and luxurious my locks looked that I started experimenting spraying the magic powder on my hair on DAY ONE post wash. And it was amazing.

“Did you do something to your hair?” people at work would say. “YES!” I’d say excitedly. “I washed it!” I didn’t tell them about my Batiste Luxe dry shampoo chaser because some things a lady just needs to keep to herself.

So don’t tell anyone OK? It’s our little secret.


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