The Modern Master Jewellers of LeGassick

When the term ‘Master Jeweller’ is mentioned, the image of an elderly man sitting at a workbench in the corner of a dark room usually comes to mind. For the Master Jewellers at LeGassick however, this stereotype couldn’t be any further from reality. Meet Jodi Phillips and Renee Hudson whose credentials alone are beyond impressive. Jodi has a Bachelor of Design and Renee a qualified Jeweller and Gemologist. It is their unmatched skill in design and craftsmanship that marks them as some of the most sought after jewellers in South East Queensland.

LeGassick has seen a steady increase in the demand for custom-made pieces across all three of their in-store workshops from Robina Town CentreRunaway Bay Shopping Village and Hyperdome Shopping Village Centre. Clients have an almost unlimited choice at LeGassick, where they can select from the incredible range of pieces on exhibition, or create something unique with a Master Jeweller.

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Their pieces are highly coveted, and it’s not hard to see why. “Women know what women want,” Renee says. Both Master Jewellers agree that while they feel a connection to each piece they create, they are especially mindful the pieces is a reflection of the person who wears it. “Each design needs to balance beauty and comfort,” Renee remarks. “It can sometimes be a challenge to incorporate all the clients’ ideas and still make the pieces wearable.”

Despite their overflowing appointment schedules and in-demand diamond engagement ring-makes, these talented women comment that many people still assume they either only sell or make costume jewellery. “They seem surprised when I explain that I actually design and make the pieces they see in the LeGassick window displays.” Renee says, having just completed an incredible diamond halo engagement ring. “I do chuckle,” Jodie states, “when people enter the store and naturally head towards our Watchmaker, assuming an older male must be the Master Jeweller. But it doesn’t take clients long to realise that I’m extremely passionate about what I do and that I can create something really incredible.”


The popularity of custom-made jewellery is growing exponentially for LeGassick. “Clients want something especially made for them and they’re looking for quality – something they’ll have forever,” Renee comments. “At the initial design consultation, I explain how LeGassick hand-select every diamond. It’s such a pleasure to know I work with  such quality. LeGassick uphold strict selection-criteria to ensure that only the most beautiful diamonds become LeGassick diamonds,” Renee says. “Clients have confidence in the LeGassick brand and know they are wearing some of the rarest white diamonds on earth.” If you can imagine it, a LeGassick Master Jeweller can create it. “There’s really nothing I can’t or won’t do for a client,” Jodie confirms. On any given day, LeGassick Master Jewellers can be creating a 21st birthday present, engagement rings and 60th wedding anniversary gifts. “Being a part of those special moments in our clients lives,” Jodie maintains, “is so rewarding.”

LeGassick Robina Town Centre
Shop 4086, Level 3, Robina Town Centre, Robina Town Centre Drive, Robina
07 5580 9802 


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