The Scoop: DannyBoys Sandwich Bar

The sandwich. A simple meal that has remained popular and well-loved throughout the years since the early 1700’s. The creation of this favoured comfort food comes care of John Montague, the fourth Earl of Sandwich. It is said that he was such a huge fan of gambling he didn’t want to leave the gaming table, so he created something that he could hold with one hand, required no utensils and didn’t interfere with his game.

Although the sandwich merely started as sliced meat between two pieces of bread, it has now become so much more. From the Chinese Bao to the Turkish Gozleme, the humble sandwich has been assimilated into every culture around the world. Masterchefs and cooks alike have even turned the sandwich into an art. Anybody could just slap throw some fillings together, but it takes a true visionary to turn the ordinary into something extraordinary.

Mal Gill for instance, former My Kitchen Rules contestant and owner of Shady Palms Café & Bar retains the title as the best sandwich maker in the country with The Great Australian Sandwichship. His mouth-watering San Fran Chicken triple-decker with maple bacon butter, fried egg, melted cheese and green goddess dressing came served with pretzels and pickles – and took out the crown. It’s a vast improvement on the original staples of simple bread and meat.

And another talented chef to reinvent this meal is Dan from Dannyboys Sandwich Bar in Kelvin Grove. Nestled in the busy cultural hotspot of Kelvin Grove Urban Village, Dannyboys is a firm favourite among students, residents and business people alike. Daniel McKennariey’s background in fine dining background is applied to the humble tuckshop concept, raising the bar with a creative take on the humble sandwich.

People line up out the door and onto the street for one of Dan’s custom creations, but don’t let that be a deterrent. The staff are attentive and friendly, and also super fast. Watching them create a meal is like watching a well-oiled machine. They work effortlessly together to turn out sandwich after sandwich so the customer is never left waiting long.

When stepping inside the store, expect to be greeted by the smells of fresh baked bread, smoked bacon, warm soup and fresh ground coffee. These enticing delicious scents are also accompanied by eye-catching décor. Bright graffiti covers the walls while featuring amusing quotes painted around the store. Upstairs, the room is like an art student’s dream as the walls and roof are made out as a giant chalkboard which Dan encourages everyone to add to. While DannyBoys is predominantly takeaway, the casual and relaxed atmosphere of the diner also means it’s perfect to sit and enjoy and watch the hustle and bustle of Musk Avenue pass by.  

But the point of focus, of course, the food. Crusty baguettes, still warm from the oven, are filled with delicious deli-style meats, tasty cheese and garden fresh vegetables. The Halfbrick, for instance, has a base of home-made mayonnaise, then is topped with crisp lettuce, firm and juicy tomatoes, roast chicken, smoked bacon and a flavoursome, spicy guacamole that is made in-house. Another popular choice – and one of Dan’s favourites – is The Greek. Australian Roast Lamb is accompanied by tomato, cucumber, red onion, creamy feta, Greek peppers, Kalamata olives and crisp shredded lettuce and finished with DannyBoys home made mayonnaise. If bread is undesired, Dan also offers to wrap up any of his fillings in a sheet of iceberg lettuce, creating a perfect option for his gluten-intolerant customers.

Alongside decadent sandwiches, Dan also offers a range of hearty soups. The soups and breads are made on the premises daily from as early as three in the morning with the freshest ingredients sourced from local markets. The Broccoli Cheddar is insanely creamy and by far the best way to get a daily serving of greens into the diet. Served with a slice of Dannyboys’ signature fluffy bread and topped with croutons and shaved cheese, this meal is the ultimate comfort food. Other soups include the Roasted Vine Tomato, Vegetable Corn Chowder, Roasted Pumpkin and Garlic, and the Spicy Beef Chilli.

When in need of something sweet, Dan also offers cupcakes, which are made from scratch. A light and fluffy vanilla sponge, filled with a dollop of rich lemon curd and topped with the creamiest lemon icing is the perfect way to end a meal. Pair that with a barista quality coffee using robust coffee beans and silky smooth milk, and it’s definitely a winner.

Not only are DannyBoys sandwiches super fresh, healthy and delicious, they are also very reasonably priced for such quality ingredients. Located in an area predominantly populated by uni students, DannyBoys is a  break from the student’s staple meal of instant Mi Goreng noodles. This gourmet artisan sandwich shop means those hunger pangs and lunch time cravings are sure to be satisfied.


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