tom.: Lè Top 5 Frothers

As a manipulator of the wheels of steel, tom. wades the electronic underground path of techno and progressive house, sometimes flavouring his mixings with splashes of trance or a teeny bit of EDM. With tom., it’s about the song selection and building the atmosphere. Renown for his prowess warming up the room or slowing it down, he is always pushing the envelope with his sound, one that is drenched in thick harmonic textures and outlined by distinctive bass undertones. As a resident for Lè Froth, a party designed to highlight all spectrums of house music, tom. brings an effervescence to the room, one from having worked dancefloors across the years from Family to The Met.

tom. tells us his Top 5 Frothers for the dancefloor. 

Emanation Renewal: Walker [Buxton Records]
Pepis: Funk D’Void [Soma Records]
Dissolute: Paride Saraceni [Snatch! Records]
Blood: Francois Dubois [Urban Torque]
ET2: Martin Landsky [Poker Flat Recordings]


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