When I first tried the original FOREO UFO, I was an instant convert. A beauty gadget that could infuse all the goodies from a face mask in just 90 seconds? Yes please! 

For the uninitiated, the FOREO UFO is a Smart Mask device that allows you to essentially do a sheet mask in a minute and a half. Instead of masking up (and looking kind of ghoulish), the UFO sees you pop a small sheet mask disc on the device, and massage it over your face. Pulsations and heating/cooling allow the ingredients to infuse FAST, while LED Light Therapy gives added skincare benefits.

Well, after falling hard and fast for the first device, my eye is now a-wandering ever since they came out with the UFO 2. I needed to get my hands on this gorgeous beauty and try it out. So is it worth the investment? And if you already have the original UFO, is it worth an upgrade? 

Let’s compare the new features (I even did up a handy-dandy video if you don’t wanna do the reading thing. You’re welcome!)

YouTube video

LED Light Therapy

One of the most enticing features of the original UFO was the promise of salon-style LED light therapy in the comfort of your own home. But where the first device only had red green and blue lights. The new UFO 2 has been upgraded to full-spectrum! 

In addition to the original three wavelengths, Foreo have added another FIVE wavelengths and all their unique benefits to the features. 

  • Purple light eliminates toxins and boosts skin radiance. 
  • White light tightens the appearance of skin and helps with puffiness.
  • Orange light eases sun damage and gives skin a healthy glow. 
  • Yellow light reduces redness, soothes sunburn, and improves skin tone.
  • Cyan soothes stressed or damaged skin. 
  • Green light evens out skintone and can counteract a dull complexion.
  • Red light stimulates collagen to counteract the signs of aging.
  • Blue light fights breakouts and reduces the look of blemishes and imperfections. 

Faster Heating and Cooling

The new UFO 2 features super-fast heating (thermo-therapy) and cooling (cryo-therapy) technology. This helps your skin fully absorb all the goodness in the mask ingredients so they can do their best work. In fact, the new device delivers heating FIVE TIMES faster than its predecessor. The device heats up to 45 degrees celsius, which is a temperature said to open pores effectively for deeper penetration of serums and mask ingredients. 

It also cools to 5 degrees to reduce puffiness, lift and firm skin, and shrinks pores back down. 

Upgraded Technology

Now let’s talk about the new app. To activate and get the most out of your UFO 2 you’ll need the FOREO For You app. You can use it to control and adjust the intensity of the settings and create custom treatment routines. My fave little upgrade though is the “Find My UFO 2” feature; as someone who loses pretty much everything, having a homing beacon for this device is a life-saving addition.  


Both devices have T-Sonic pulsations (10,000 per minute) to help those mask ingredients really sink in, stimulate skin at a cellular level, exfoliate skin and give you a divine-feeling massage. Both also work with all the current UFO-Activated Face Masks on the market. 

The Verdict

After two weeks of using the UFO 2 I can safely say that it is worth every single cent. If you don’t already have the original UFO, then it’s a definite “Add To Cart”, STAT. If you already have the OG, there’s even a good argument to be made for upgrading, thanks to the extra LED therapy wavelengths treatments. 

After each facial, my skin is clearer, firmer and appears lifted, which is great for all the online meetings I’ve been doing since working from home (#nomakeup!). I’ve had comments from three separate people that I look “glowing” and “radiant” which was an instant pick-me-up.

But my favourite part of this whole device review has been getting to add a bit more self-care to my routine. My FOREO UFO 2 time is my own time to de-stress and do something pampery for myself. It makes me feel so damn good about myself and my skin, that I want to shout it from the rooftops. Only 90 seconds to boost my mood and my complexion? Sign me up. 

For more info, and to see the full mask range visit FOREO.


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