English is English right? That’s what every foreigner thinks, until they arrive in the Land of Oz and realise that over here we have pretty much created a new language. Although it was created mostly out of laziness, it is non-the-less important. Here are some saying that only Aussies would know:

1. Chuck a uey
Translation: Take a U-turn

2. Oath
Translation: Agree/True

3. Are you bringing bevies to the barbie this arvo?
Translation: Are you bringing drinks to the barbecue this afternoon?

4. Chuck us a Four-X from the esky
Translation: Throw me a XXXX Gold beer from the cooler

5. He fully stacked it up the stairs
Translation: He fell up the stairs

6. Too easy
Translation: No problem

7. She’s a beauty
Translation: That car/boat/truck/pet/pretty much anything is great

8. She’ll be right
Translation: It’ll be ok

9. Grab me a slurpee when you head down to the sevies
Translation: Buy me a slushie when you go to 7-Eleven

10. That’s a bugga
Translation: That’s annoying/bad luck

11. We’re heading to the Bottle-O to buy some goon
Translation: We’re going to the bottle shop to buy some boxed wine

12. Servo
Translation: Service station

13. Woolies was ‘chock-a-block’ this morn
Translation: Woolworths supermarket was full/busy this morning

14. Old mate
Translation: When you don’t know somebody’s name, or can’t be bothered to say it

15. Did that copper have a speedo?
Translation: Did that police officer have a speed camera?

16. Jonno got dacked by some kids on his way to maccas
Translation: Some kids pulled John’s pants down when he was walking to McDonald’s

17. The pub was going off
Translation: The pub was busy/rowdy/loud

18. They’re a bunch of galahs/fruit loops
Translation: They’re all fools

19. Durry/Ciggy
Translation: Cigarette

20. I can’t believe Baz pulled a sickie again
Translation: I can’t believe Barry called in sick again

21. I need a cab sav
Translation: I need a wine (specifically a Cabernet Sauvignon)

22. That bloke/sheila is a bloody legend
Translation: That guy/girl is an awesome person

23. That roo meat is top notch
Translation: That kangaroo meat is the best

So, there you have it: twenty-three surprisingly common words and phrases that only Australians use and know. Now you can test your fellow foreign friends and see if they can guess what any of these mean. And if they do, you owe them a bevie.    

Renata Menezes

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