Even before the spotlight was firmly on ethical business and sustainability in the beauty world,  Shanah and Alysha knew they wanted their brand Peggy Sue to be kind to the Earth as well as people’s skin. More than that, though, they wanted to produce beautiful, effective products that women would be proud to display on their vanities. “I wanted to create a  brand that was as eco-friendly as possible while steering away from the brown generic packaging that a lot of eco friendly brands were using at the time,” Shanah says. “Like most women, I wanted to use products that were beautiful and aesthetically  pleasing. We worked  incredibly hard to create a solid business plan and then a range of organic skincare products that are kind to our bodies  and the world around us.”

Peggy Sue Shanah Alysha
Meet Shanah and Alysha from Peggy Sue!

Co-Owner Alysha explains that a desire to leave the world better than they found it is a major driving force behind the brand. “Both Shanah and myself have an undeniable determined desire to make a positive difference to the world around us. We didn’t want to become another brand that provides single-use products that contribute to landfill. We know we’re only a small business, but we firmly believe we all have a role to play in protecting our environment and  fighting the good fight against climate change. We want to help pave the way towards real solutions that  minimise our carbon footprint, that help address the consume-and-discard cycle and that educate and encourage  Australians to make more sustainable and natural choices. 

So what are the different measures Peggy Sue has taken in order to make the brand a leader in sustainability? “Sustainability to Peggy Sue means helping our customers feel beautiful and loved while preserving the beauty in the world around us,” Alysha says. “To do this, we are paving the way in sustainable self-care products. Our range is offered in printed glass packaging with product refills available. The glass bottles and jars mean they are able to be used again and then recycled at the end of life. Our printed glass means there is no need for printed stickers. Our refill options mean that our customers have the option to wash and reuse  their packaging. When we reuse packaging, we not only divert waste from landfill but we also cut the energy and  resources required to completely reproduce the same packaging form raw materials again.”

Peggy Sue Body Oil
Their Bath and Body oil is super popular (and super aesthetically pleasing!)

And it doesn’t stop their, with their products also being designed and produced designed using natural ingredients to help skin perform at its best. “We love using flower and fruit extracts in our products because they are all just overflowing with antioxidants and hold  so many benefits for the skin,” Alysha says. “One of our favourite concoctions is our Intensive Eye Cream which has both red wine and  coffee bean extract blended throughout. Two of life’s greatest gifts in one eye cream! Good for the tastebuds and your skin! Coffee extract is famous for its brightening and tightening abilities, so it’s perfect to help reduce circles around  the eye area as well as reducing puffiness and minimising fine lines and wrinkles. The red wine extract is a super  unique skincare ingredient that also boasts a wealth of benefits. It helps boost the skin’s collagen production which is a  protein that holds your skin cells together. It also keeps the skin around the eye area strong and healthy while boosting  elastic fibres and aids in slowing down the ageing process.”

Add all of this to the fact that Peggy Sue also sells refills on all their products (bar one) to save on packaging, offers the option to recycle elements of packaging they can’t refill, and uses an ethical supply chain, and you’d be hard pressed to find another company that does more for the environment. “Peggy Sue is all about helping our customers  feel beautiful and loved while preserving the beauty in the world around us,” Alysha says. 

Beauty Editor Faves from Peggy Sue

Blue Tansy Oil

I’ve been looking for a natural oil to help when my skin gets cranky for a while and I’ve finally found it with Peggy Sue’s Blue Tansy Oil. The blue tansy extract is known for its soothing properties, and the oil also features watermelon, blueberry and acai oils which are super rich in antioxidants and fatty acids to make you glow. Plus it just feels super yummy on my skin.

Bath Brew Pockets 

Think the joy and luxe feeling of a bath bomb without the mess. Bath Brew Pockets are like giant teabags for your bath, that infuse the water with colour, botanicals and goodies to make your skin and muscles feel amazing . And while they can’t be refilled like Peggy Sue’s other products, they CAN be composted so, environmental win too! 


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