Disney has given us a gateway to escape into a universe of love, friendship, romance, sadness and comedy. We love these films as children because they are bright and full of entertainment, and as we grow old we can see ourselves in the characters, and we interpret the messages behind the colourful characters. The Disney universe resonates with us all on different levels, so haven’t you ever wondered what your favourite Disney movie says about you?

Toy Story
Walking into Toys R Us for you brings back a nostalgia that keeps you smiling from ear to ear. Forever playful, imaginative and willing to think outside the box whether it be for personal situations or in the workplace, being creative is for you. Except what comes with your creativity and childishness is your inability to move on, forever hanging onto old friends, loves and memories.

Having respect and time for those who built a life for you is something you cherish, and this extends to your comfort you have found in your close family and friends. Extending yourself to diverse friends or others is not something you often do despite your love for adventure. Goal setting is a must, and for you, this mixes work with pleasure.

The Jungle Book
Cutting loose and experiencing life for all its opportunities is a mantra you live by. You are not one to take life for granted. Responsibility may not be what you are all about, but it doesn’t mean you don’t understand consequences for your actions, you just choose to roll with what life gives you. First to arrive and always last to leave.

Snow White
You are naturally beautiful and have an aura wherever you travel. What comes with this is a misunderstanding and hatred from those too shallow or naïve to understand who you really are behind the beauty. Realistically you are just a down to earth, empathetic and compassionate person who is more than happy to live in a share-house with anyone and everyone.

Finding Nemo
Generally inquisitive, yet a homebody who knows when and when not to toe the line. Rules are there for a reason, and despite having the wisdom to not have that last drink, or go for something different on the menu, you still know how to have fun when it is required. A reliable friend who knows exactly when they need to act like an adult, or a child.

Strong, self-willed and very politically correct. You know what you want in life, and there is no one or nothing that can stop you. You wear your heart on your sleeve, and with that comes a passionate spark for standing up for what you believe despite it tearing your heart and mind in two different directions. Breaking through whatever shackles may hold you down, you are out to ultimately change the world.

The Lion King
Despite seeming to always find drama, you are a deep thinker who reflects well upon decisions and the process behind people’s behaviour. Playful and entertaining, the live free attitude you grew up with is filled with memories you can learn from.

Little Mermaid
May be a little daft, and some decisions may not be the most thought out, but you go where your hearts desires and you genuinely mean well. Always caring and forever curious, you are a free spirit roaming the earth chasing what makes you and those around you happy.

The Incredibles
Sports, partying, whatever it may be, thrills and the pumping of your heart is what gets you up in the morning. Team sports and family activities are how you like to spend your casual hours. A team player who suffers from FOMO.

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