Dear Brisbane cyclists,

Where I originally came from, cycling as a means of main transportation is not very common. When I first arrived in Brisbane, the foreign yellow bikes of City Cycle captured my attention. I started seeing peculiar people with spikes on their helmet, and my very first question was why? I now know it’s to shun away the vicious magpies, but I still have a few more questions that have been left unanswered. Please see the following:

Where do you get the energy?
I still have “cycle to work” as part of my bucket list, but six months later into the ‘new year’ and I still haven’t harboured the will or power. When starting the car, hailing the bus, or booking an Uber ride is as easy as 1,2,3 and not to mention requires less effort for my legs, I really do wonder – what’s the secret to morning motivation?

How do guys make it look easy?
I want to stride as flawlessly as you. One time, I decided to walk from the office to my house and a cyclist passed by me, looking calm and collected (not to mention Parisian, with her bag beautifully sitting in the straw front basket). It took me 23 minutes to walk home that day, and to rub it in Google suggested (I foolishly checked) that it would have only taken me 9 minutes by bike. Still, I refused cause I’m not confident enough. I’ll panic for sure, and I won’t be as tranquil. You make it look like a walk (or a bike) in the park.

For all your contributions, thank you!
I know you guys do it as a preference, but the good your biking does to the environment helps me as well, one way or the other. As long as I see a cyclist pass by me while I walk around Brisbane, or if my bus passes you en route to work, I will still have that “cycle to work” to-do-point pending on my mind. And someday if I finally do it my body will thank me for the long overdue work-out, and with that I thank you in advance!


From someone who has never ridden a bike in Brisbane (but seriously wants to!).

Belle L Fojas

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