There’s nothing like a breezy afternoon spent daydreaming of beautiful things. It’s been a busy day in the office and we accidentally fell into a self-induced pinterest trance on our lunch break. Not a total waste of time though, we found plenty of architecture and interior inspo we thought you might like as well our lovely readers. 

So if you’re interested in joining our procraspiration (Verb: The art of being distracted by inspiring things, objects and concepts) then come for a stroll through some of our favourite places.


By The Sea

WOW, if we were a building! This house looks exactly like we feel: a little bit all over the place, but still holding it together. But seriously, who wouldn’t want to live in this wacky seaside home with it’s 360 degree ocean views?


Dusty Velvet

As much as we’d love to deck out our bedroom in pink velvet, we’re not sure it’s a great idea in real life, it’s already hard enough getting out of bed in the mornings… Nevertheless there’s nothing we enjoy doing more than looking at things we want but can’t have. Ahhh a girl can dream, unfortunately just not while lying among velvet pillows and throws. 

tree house 1

Love Den

This wooden hideaway is fulfilling all our childhood tree house aspirations in a BIG way. Can you just picture it now? Tucked away in this little woodland retreat with your favourite book and a smooth glass of vino *stares into space wistfully* 


Parisian Lounging 

Paris, the city of love, and we’re not talking about a romance with a tall, dark and handsome gentleman. We’re talking about that longing look of love you’ll give a buttery croissant before devouring it whole… I’m giving this immaculate image that exact look right now.  This stylish apartment, designed by Luis Laplace, is the perfect backdrop for getting intimate with a flakey pastry… or 10. 


Moroccan Garden

Don’t you just want to dive right in? We’ll watch you go for a paddle while we sit in the shade, sipping our mojitos. Don’t worry, we won’t drink all the booze (disclaimer: we can’t be held accountable if we do accidentally drink it all). This aesthetically pleasing pool is located in Venice Beach, California, and designed by architectural genius Philip Dixon. 

unnamed 3


“Dear Sir/Madam, I am writing with a compelling offer that I think will be of high interest to you. I would like to propose a house swap. This would involve you moving in to my small, cramped apartment in Australia, while I inhabit your whimsical abode in North Phoenix. Please get back to me at your earliest convenience.” 

This home is part of Arcosanti, an experimental town developed by Italian Architect Paolo Soleri. This is definitely an experiment that yielded the desired results.

Evelyn Butcher

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