Dreambuilders is a Danish animated adventure, about Minna, a child who discovers a world behind her dreams in which creatures known as ‘Dreambuilders’ construct and direct the dreams that we experience whilst we sleep.  With this newfound knowledge, Minna learns how to manipulate her step-sister Jenny’s dreams.  But interfering with people’s dreams has dire consequences and when Minna goes too far one night, Jenny can’t wake up. 

With the animation, and sound effects on the opening scene of Minna and her dad swirling around during a chess match, I was captivated right away.

However, as I went into the story more, I had a very big question going above my head – who is the intended audience of this movie?

Sure, it’s an animation, however as the story goes deeper and conflicts arise, and lines and words get confronting I know at this stage, I won’t let my son watch it. There’s a couple of lines that became too heavy for me to hear, and I am a grown-up.

I would say that the storyline is ambitious, and honestly giving me a Black Mirror vibe in terms of the message it is trying to achieve (think, “Rachel, Jack and Ashley, Too.”) with a mix of “Inside Out”.

As an adult aware that this is intended for a younger audience, I am not most comfortable to recommend, however, if anything, this movie I can recommend to adults who want to get a glimpse of the life of pre-teens/teens going thru some of the conflicting times of their growing lives while trying to find themselves, and learning things along the away.

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Belle L Fojas

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