Netflix is the key to tv bingeing. At one click of a button you can enter a world like no other and totally immerse yourself in film and tv. Although, it’s no secret some shows are better than others for this. Not all shows are binge worthy, and the criteria for being binge worthy is either the show being: deep and funny, totally gripping with loose ends, or shows with short episodes. We know you guys enjoy a series worth binging, so below are 12 that are currently on Netflix worthy of your time.

How I Met Your Mother
This popular comedy show balances comedy and romance in a way that doesn’t play out like a typical Rom-Com. With an amazing assortment of one off episodes and season long plots, these less than 30-minute episodes will keep you clued to the screen regardless if you are crying, laughing, or both!

Brooklyn 99
Undoubtedly the funniest cop show going around. Much like the above, these short episodes pack a punch of humour and can be watched over, and over again. Not to mention that the characters themselves make it worth watching based on the diversity in the precinct.

The Inbetweeners
What could be more binge worthy then 3 seasons of 6 30-minute episodes that could be finished in entirety with one watch. The 4 boys and their mishaps are so brutally awkward and humorous that as each episode finishes you are begging for more.

One for those GOT or LOTR lovers. Vikings cliff hangers both per episode and at the end of the season capture the hearts of many and leave you wondering what’s next. The main character, Ragnar is equally handsome as he is badass.

Sons of Anarchy
One of those most talked about hit series that claims loyal fans. Charlie Hunnam is one of/if not the most gravitational lead role in TV and his performance alone as Jax Teller will make you want to stay up all night and watch this thrilling bikie crime drama.

Rick and Morty
Look no further Family Guy/American Dad fans, here is the newest binge worthy series for you. A perfect show for adults and teenagers alike, crude and amusing.

Stranger Things
This show brought the old and young together with it’s nostalgic sci-fi themes that quickly stole the hearts of many. If the aesthetics of the show doesn’t then Eleven or the young boys from  AV club sure will!

Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
This hip-hop fuelled comedy packs a bunch of light hearted enjoyment which is carried fantastically by a young and phenomenal Will Smith. A timeless 90’s show that still captures the enjoyment of children and adults today.

The Killing
A dark and intense crime thriller that keeps you guessing makes for one hell of a ride. A show based on so much realism that keeps you from going to sleep and glued to your couch.

A show that many have acclaimed as the most binge worthy show ever. A look into the depths of law and order, this depiction has everything from romance to humour and is all held together by gripping plots and great displays of drama.

Black Mirror
With each show having a completely different context Black Mirror can be watched of hours on end as the entertainment and excitement of what’s next is just around the corner.

Gossip Girl
XOXO hey! A beloved show for many girls (and guys) has been and will continually be re-watched by people all over the globe. The epitome of romance and drama mixed together on the small screen

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