Whether it be an extended absence, or the usual couple of months, returning to university seems to unexpectedly creep up on all of us. The second the time tables are announced, a million thoughts run wild in my head; torturing and tantalizing me. Below is just a small sample of the many common thoughts shared by students, who are all bravely returning to the study battlefield this coming semester. Here is your story, told through the wise people of The Office. 

1. I’m going to every lecture this semester. New Year, new me.

2. I’m only going out on weekends and NOT on Tuesday’s. Regardless of how good a Tuesday sesh is, I cannot survive the consequential 9am Wednesday tutorial.

3. This year I will take university more seriously. Whatever precedent I set in last semester has past – this year I’m going to take this debt building learning seriously.

4. All these new pens and notepads are so worth it. Officeworks provided me with the goods, and now with more in my arsenal – I am going to be taking notes daily.

5. I’m going to prep meals instead of spending all my pay at the on-site Subway. There is no need to waste my money on carbs when I can make a tasteless salad out of mum and dads fridge.

6. My next pay could go to textbooks, I can’t keep borrowing my friend’s.

7. Textbooks cost HOW MUCH???!??!? There is no chance I’m buying these textbooks anymore!

8. I don’t need to do the Week 1 Readings, do I?? Surely all we will be doing are icebreakers?

9. “Siri, when are uni holidays?” – It feels like forever since I went on a holiday.

10. Goodbye social life – Time to go back to juggling the gym, work, study and oh wait, that’s my life for the next few months.

11. I wonder if he/she will be in my class again. I should really ask for their number this year.

12. He/she is in my class, AGAIN?! *Fingers crossed* Please don’t let them sit next to me, please don’t let them sit next to me.

13. Referencing, we meet again – APA and Harvard, how I DIDN’T miss you!

14. Could I get away with wearing my PJ’s to morning classes? Is it socially acceptable yet?

15. Ahhhh first years – with their denim jeans, R & M Williams and budding smiles – you have no idea how ridiculous you look.

16. I don’t know where half of these rooms are – high school was so much smaller, where the hell is the University Airport Room?

17. Maybe I should do a 7am class and get it over and done with. But like, bed.

18. I think I should defer this semester and work instead – my brothers’ friend always said taking a gap year was worth it, maybe it’s for me.

19. Should I really be doing this course? Where is this creative arts degree going to get me anyway?

20. I’m going to cry. I can’t take the stress of pre-stressing about the stress that I’m going to have this semester. 

21. Oh SHIT… uni is here already!?

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