Beauty Review: FOREO’s Luna 3 Cleansing Device Is A Skincare Revolution

Some nights taking off makeup and doing a thorough facial cleanse can be a soothing, calming ritual. Other times you’re just so bloody tired you’re lucky if your mascara remnants are off before your head hits the pillow. So when FOREO announced they were releasing a tech-savvy anti-aging update to their cleansing brush range, the Luna 3, my ears pricked up. Rather than rushing your routine, this brightly coloured silicone wonder tool promised to cut your cleansing time in half, without compromising on quality.

But FOREO have released similar-looking devices before, what’s so different about this new incarnation? Well for one thing, app integration for anti-aging routines. As a thirtysomething, I said a little “gimme” to myself and grabbed one to try. 

The Specs

The new Luna 3’s signature silicone touchpoints are 30 per cent longer than its predecessor, to conform to your facial contours. Moreover, the actual brush surface on the device is 30 per cent bigger, too. Upon taking it out of the pack, I immediately need to touch the cute little surface. The touchpoints (or little fingers as I creepily call them for some unknown reason) feel so gentle and silky smooth, which I guess is because they’re 25 per cent softer than previous models. If you’re a tactile person, you’ll love it. 

A few more specs for you: the new model has 16 customisable intensities controlled by an app, and has the ability to not only provide a quick and thorough facial cleanse but also several anti-aging facial massages. Think firming massages to smooth fine lines, help the absorption of skincare potions, increase skin elasticity and give you more relaxed facial muscles. I’ve decided this could be the device to finally help me to Benjamin Button. One of the best parts? It’s charged by USB and can be used up to 650 (!) times before it needs a recharge. Tick and tick for lazy old me

Something to note: to use the app functions you need to actually download the app. Seems obvious but I didn’t think about it when I went to use it for the first time. You can either do a search yourself or scan the QR code on the package. Easy peasy!

How does the FOREO Luna 3 compare to Luna 2? See the video comparison below.

The Verdict

It’s been proven through rigorous testing that sonic cleansing (aka vibrations) are more effective at removing dirt and nasties from the skin than just using water and your hands. This is good news for slack me because I am hoping it means I can clean my face and be in bed much much sooner

To start, I wipe most of my visible makeup off with a wipe. Normally when I do this, I can wipe a toner soaked cotton round over my face and still have it come up foundation beige, which basically means makeup wipes don’t do a heck of a lot. 

Then it’s Luna 3 time. I wet my face and the device and apply a small amount of cleanser, and then press go. As soon as I feel the Luna 3 touch my skin I can already feel the pulses getting my blood flowing, which is always a good thing for skin renewal. 

Every couple of seconds, the Luna 3 stops for a beat to indicate I should move it to another part of my face, which I find very handy. No more guesswork when it comes to how long you should be washing your face for. 

I start formulating more comments in my head to write but before I know it the whole routine is over. Chalk one up for the lazy girls! 

But here’s the real test… Is my face actually clean? A cursory glance in the mirror shows that my skin is firm, and kind of… glowing? I grab my cotton round and do the toner swipe test and… no beige foundation streak. I am impressed and invigorated if we’re being honest. 

And the anti-aging massages? I decided to test them with my regular serum. I flip the device around to the massage side, set it to my specification with the app (facial contouring please) and get going. Now, I sometimes have problems with my serums whereby they don’t sink in as fast or completely as I’d like, so I was very interested to see if the Luna 3 would help.

At the end of my cycle, my facial muscles feel relaxed and my skin still looks amazing… and my serum has settled in nicely with no residue. I have a feeling I will be using the massage setting to release tension every night from now on… well, on the night’s I am not being super slack, anyway. 

The whole experience was therapeutic enough to feel like a pampering ritual but fast enough to get me into my PJs much quicker. And since self-care and sleep are pretty much my favourite things ever, the FOREO Luna 3 gets a big stamp of approval from me, on behalf of lazy skincare lovers everywhere. 

FOREO Luna 3, $299, various stockists. For more information visit the FOREO website


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