What is it about travel that makes us pine for other countries so much, especially in the time of Covid? Apart from the fact of it being temporarily unsafe, it might have something to do with connection. Humans yearn for social contact (whether we like to admit it or not,) and nothing makes us feel more alive than to take in new sights for the first time. While many of us are just now starting to realise how lucky we are in this country, we also still crave a new experience for our senses.

How lucky then are we to have a genuine slice of Germany in our very own backyard!?!! The German Club is a truly authentic taste of this unique and wonderful country, and if you’re lucky enough to spend some time here, you’ll be sure to feel like a real Deutscher (German) in no time!

The Brisbane German Club is located right near the Gabba on Vulture Street, East Brisbane. It’s unassuming but smart exterior invites patrons in through the doors, where you’re immediately transported back to Deutschland. With long hall tables in the Great Beer Hall taking up the whole of the room, traditional wooden chandeliers to decorated motifs on the wall, it’s a trip for all your senses! If you prefer an outdoor setting then the Beer Garden is the perfect place for you!

Once the super friendly staff seat you, you can choose from a wide range of delicious meals on offer from Zum Keizer restaurant. From the traditional crispy schnitzel and succulent German sausage to their delectable specialty pork knuckle and chunky roast potatoes. Don’t forget to enjoy the sweet gravy and tangy sauerkraut that’s a German staple. If you still have room you can always finish off the meal by biting into a freshly baked pretzel.

Of course, no meal in the German club would be complete without a Stein of the good stuff at your side. With delightful names such as Weihenstephaner, Schneider Weisse and the classic Erdinger, there is a huge range of traditional beers on tap to choose from. If you want something different why not try an Espresso Martini, or their beautiful looking schnapps paddle.

With a full belly and great company, you can now sit back and enjoy the entertainment. Andrew is a staple at the German Club on Fridays and Saturdays, and he will entertain you with classic covers in the Great Beer Hall. I guarantee you’ll never hear Poker Face the same way again! If that isn’t enough, he’ll then play traditional German songs that will get you out of your seat and swaying with the crowd every time!

With a kid-friendly and welcoming environment for all ages makes this a ‘must do’ when you’re next looking for a fun night out. Bring grandma and the kids, put on your best Lederhosen or dirndl and transport yourself, even if only for one night, to the home of Oktoberfest right on our doorstep. Prost!

The Brisbane German Club is located at 416 Vulture Street, East Brisbane.  You can find them on Facebook or via their website. Bookings are highly recommended, and parking is extremely limited. Enjoy the night and catch an Uber instead!


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