Montana Sharp may have launched her first solo single in the year of the Covid pandemic, but she is quickly proving to be a potentially powerful force on the music scene.

Classically trained at Monash University, Montana has recently released her second single, Power; a ballad mixing superb piano skills and melodic tempo that keeps you hanging on until the last note. Not only does the song merge classical and rhythmic pop together, her words also inspire women everywhere to find strength inside instead of losing themselves in relationships with narcissists.

Her vocal range is both charming and haunting, especially packing a punch when belting out lyrics like, “walking alone lights up my bones with fire,” and “with every end begins my power”. This could be an anthem for people everywhere to say, “I am enough,” and Montana could be the Leader of the Pack!

If you like the sound of her second release you should check out the Queen of Hearts inspired music clip that accompanies the song. You can also listen to her first release, Greenhouse via her website at

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