Do you remember when you could travel overseas for a holiday? Well back in pre-COVID times, Australians were spending a whopping 3 years of savings on just one holiday abroad each year! Factoring in travel, hotel accommodation, meals and entertainment, a family of 4 could be looking at up to $20,000 each holiday. With both COVID restrictions and these dollars in mind, it is no wonder more and more Australians are turning to caravanning and camping on home soil, for their fix of rest and relaxation.

With this in mind we spoke with Jason Plant from Caravanning Queensland. “It can be incredibly stressful when trying to save up for a holiday whilst tackling living expenses at the same time,” he said. “These financial obstacles facing the average Australian family has resulted in growth for inter and intra-state travel, with more and more holiday-makers turning to caravanning and camping as their preferred and regular holiday.”

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Besides the economic bonus of a caravanning and camping holiday, Queensland and Australia’s great outdoors offer so much for a family to experience be it pristine coastline or the sprawling Outback. “Most Australians forget what’s waiting at their back doorstep and that’s million-dollar views that people from all over the world pay a hefty price to experience.”

“The notion that a price can’t be put on outdoor beauty has never been stronger and when paired with the people and cultures you will meet along the way, it’s the best opportunity for the whole family to have fun while finding out what our great country has to offer.”

With caravanning and camping options to suit all styles and budgets, families can easily find a way to plan a great vacation without feeling like they are completely ‘roughing it’ . Check out Caravanning Queensland for more details.

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