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The Beauty Behind the City Cat

The first time I rode the Brisbane City Council City Cat, my friend said that having me with her was like taking a dog in the car for the very first time. My head was out the window, the breeze was in my face, and my nostrils inhaled the unique musty stink of the Brisbane River. Who could blame me? Forget the Kookaburra Queen, the only river cruise for me is with the William Jolly looming ahead and a speckled blue seat reserved on board the CityCat.

Whether you’re a seasoned local or a tourist hoping to see the best Brisbane has to offer, the CityCat is the place to be. Arguably the most reliable and smoothly operated public transport system around, you can run rings around those on buses or in cars, whilst soaking up the sights!

The CityCat seems to stop almost exclusively at some of Brisbane’s hippest and tastiest areas. Jump off at New Farm or Teneriffe, stroll past the wool stores, get a coffee, soak in the sunshine and take a gander at how the other half lives. At the South Bank stop you’re right in the cultural hub of the city – see a show, go to the museum, take a dip, have a BBQ; the south side is your oyster! Stopping at Hamilton or Bulimba takes you to some of Brisbane’s best and brightest eats and drinks and the journey there offers some of the nicest lookouts too.

CityCat’s also seem to eradicate a lot of the usual downsides of public transport, like the stale air of the 3pm school bus or the old man who sits across from you and either has a glass eye or isn’t shy about staring. Sure, there’s a drunken college squad taking a dip every year or so, but the CityCat brings out the best in us. Think of it as your own public sea chariot.

This classic vessel offers a wonderfully unique perspective of the city –whichever way you like it, there really is no greater way to take a beautiful ride along the “Ol’ Brown Snake” and enjoy Brisbane City.

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