e’cco: Mixing The Classic With The New

For an in-depth look at e’cco Bistro’s methods combining the classic with the new, check out the gallery for the relaunch of e’cco Bistro here.

The one thing a fine eating establishment can ever hope to achieve is consistently serving up incredible food. And when you reach the milestone of opening the doors for twenty years, it’s definitely a celebration of serving up incredible food across two decades. For any business, it takes time to build loyal customers, but in hospitality, fresh menu options and consistent service are also added to the pot. From our kitchens, loyalty comes out of the commitment to a philosophy of great food and great service.

And this is where c comes in. As a twenty year old institution, e’cco Bistro – with renowned Kiwi import Chef and Owner Philip Johnson at the helm – continues to pave the way for modern Australian Cuisine – particularly in Brisbane. e’cco has stood out as a foodie destination for years in The City, and while Brisbane is now coming into her own, Philip and e’cco – alongside her slightly younger colleague Restaurant Two (only just lagging behind at fifteen years old this year), will always be Brisbane pioneers. 

While the French technique of Nouvelle Cuisine has been around for several centuries to evolve across the ages, Paul Bocuse – as the godfather of the modern culinary arts – really pushed the technique home during the 1970s. A modern style of cooking that emphasises the freshness of the ingredients and the presentation of the dishes, Nouvelle Cuisine or “new kitchen” fits in perfectly with the modern Australian philosophy that shines the spotlight on our fabulous produce, accents our love for outdoor living while avoiding the rich, heavy foods our Aussie climate and lifestyle simply doesn’t adhere to. And it was especially during the 1990s once the technique of Nouvelle Cuisine had reached down under, that Philip – amongst other brave avant-garde leaders – would transform this skill to promote modern Australian cuisine to the artform it is today.  

With e’cco, it has always been about creating a menu that places a spotlight on the ingredients, where Philip’s techniques in the kitchen allow the ingredients speak for themselves. And while he has remained consistent to this philosophy, Philip – like every other businessman – has always sought the path in staying relevant. In 2014, the private dining room under e’cco was transformed into burger joint Howzat during the week days, feeding corporate bees and hungry workers gourmet burgers and fare to tantalise the taste buds and feed the foodie soul.

And now, as it reaches the incredible milestone of two decades in business, e’cco gets a slight facelift, combining the classic with the new for a brushed up look that is atypically simple and modern. She might have a new look, but e’cco stays true to form, continuing to reflect Philip’s food philosophy of classic, simple but contemporary. 

Photo Credit: Marc Casolani


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