Living with roommates always has its challenges. The fact that everybody is so different is a challenge in itself. Here are the five types of roommates you will meet throughout the independent years of living out of home.

The Lazy Slob
They’re the one whose room smells like cheese and feet thanks to old pizza boxes stuffed under the bed. They pretend they’re asleep to avoid helping out with chores, and you may not even know they’re home until you hear the rustle of a chip packet coming through the neighbouring four walls. On the plus side, they are very generous with their bulk packets of two-minute noodles.

The Loud One
This one is way too comfortable around everybody. They fart loudly – sometimes in your face – they listen and sing along to loud rap music, and they borrow your things without asking. Beware, they will take your speakers to a party and bring them back before you get home, thinking you won’t notice. You do. 

The Party One
The party-animal will somehow always convince you to go out, even when you just got home from work and only have ten minutes to get ready. When you’re not in the mood to party, you have to go as far as silently crawling around the house as they search for you in every room until they give up and leave without you.

The Obsessive One
They mouth all the words and laugh along as they watch their favourite show for the hundredth time. They colour coordinate and alphabetise all their belongings, and when there’s more than one thing in a collection, they will buy every single one until they have the complete set. You may need to call an intervention to prevent them from spending all their money on lip-balm collections and mint Oreos, otherwise they’ll end up with no money for rent.

The Motherly One
They are clean, organised, and considerate. They will avoid using the kitchen or flushing the toilet after 11pm so that you have an uninterrupted slumber. They’ll cook family pasta-bakes every Monday, they’ll throw out that mouldy mandarin nobody else wants to deal with, and they’ll get rid of the cockroach that you found in your room.

The spectrum of roommates is very wide, but you come to accept everybody’s differences, as annoying as they may be. Whether you live with these roommates, or you are one of them yourself, there is nothing better than creating your own little dysfunctional family. 


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