Girl from the North Country is an award-winning Broadway musical currently showing at QPAC.

Girl from the North Country is a musical featuring over 20 familiar songs from legendary singer-songwriter Bob Dylan including Hurricane, Like a Rolling Stone, To Make You Feel My Love and Forever Young.

The story is set in 1934 Minnesota, where a group of people cross paths at a guesthouse.

Written and directed by Conor McPherson (The Weir, The Seafarer), it stars Lisa McCune, Peter Kowitz, Peter Carroll, Helen Dallimore and Greg Stone.

There is much to like about this production. The acting is great, the singing is absolutely stunning, with some fantastic harmonies, the music is impressive, and the sets are very well designed and help transport you back to the 1930’s. I’m sure if you go and see this you will have a good time.

But did I love it? The story was engaging and and deeply moving, however the multiple intertwined stories reminded me of a collection of short stories, rather than the traditional musical structure. The inclusion of Bob Dylan songs seemed at times awkward, like the plot had been constructed in order to insert a song rather than tell a story. At times, the musical interruptions seem to have very little to do with what is happening on stage. I spent a fair bit of time feeling confused about what was happening (until the next time someone started singing which would cheer me up).

If you go looking the critic reviews are full of praise and so my opinion is a lone voice. Overall it is fabulous and a great night out, and a wonderful excuse to have a night out and enjoy all the wonder of Brisbane Festival.

Girl from the North Country is on until 18 September at QPAC in Brisbane.

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