Moonage Daydream is an interesting yet somewhat confusing exploration of the career and legend of David Bowie.

Written, directed and edited by Brett Morgen (The Kid Stays in the Picture, Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck, Jane) MOONAGE DAYDREAM is the first film to be supported by the David Bowie Estate, which granted Morgen unprecedented access to their collection. Told through psychedelic kaleidoscopic imagery, personal archived footage, unseen performances, and anchored by David Bowie’s own music and words, MOONAGE DAYDREAM invites audiences to immerse themselves in the unique world that is “Bowie”.

David Bowie was such a prolific artist, that Morgen was able to get access to over 5 million assets, including rare and never-before seen drawings, recordings, films, and journals. This is a film that you imagine that David Bowie would have approved of. The movie doesn’t have a voiceover (except for David Bowie’s own voice), so it feels as though he is acting in it and has created the soundtrack. I am not sure there could have been an actor who could have done his legacy justice as much as Bowie himself does here.

David Bowie’s brother had schizophrenia, and David was concerned at times throughout his life about his own mental health. This comes up as a theme through the movie – what is the line between mad and sane? How much of David Bowies performances was him acting as a ‘rock god character’ vs an expression of discovery of his creative, artistic and spiritual journey. And does it really matter in the end?

This film may introduce a new generation of fans to David Bowie, but although I like his music, I struggled with this genre of storytelling. There isn’t a cohesive plot and vision is shown out of sequence, with young and old images of David Bowie interspersed. Some may argue that this was a stylistic device, and David Bowie is ‘timeless’ but I was just left feeling confused. Maybe I am a bit slow, but a bit more guidance would have helped me to enjoy this documentary more.

If you are a Bowie fan, you will probably love this movie. If not, maybe wait until this is released on streaming so you can take in the full effect in short bursts and gradually allow the Bowie-effect to sneak up on you.

Moonage Daydream is in cinemas September 15.

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