Honey House is a 60-foot square metre, 8.5 tonne upside-down home with seven interactive rooms that will be popping up in the middle of King George Square from 16 May to 24 May. The multi-sensory immersive experience created by Honey Insurance is designed to bring to life their mission of “turning insurance on its head”. And it impressively doubles as a photo-studio-meets-art-installation.

It’s a fun, bright, interactive escape from reality, with layered variations of bright colour palettes, suspended furniture, mirrored optical illusions and modified household items for visitors to engage with. In other words, a content creator’s dream!

Visitors can let their creativity run wild as they move through each of the seven conceptual rooms, discovering, creating, playing and posing in one of the most unique and accessible experimental spaces in Australia.

Whether you want to be dancing on the ceiling or bouncing off the walls, Honey’s custom inverted photo and video filter will do the topsy-turvy turnover editing for you. This is one Instagram filter you won’t have seen before (no dog ears, thanks), specially developed for events of this kind.

The Honey House is a free event/ personal content studio and will only be in Brisbane for 9 days before relocating to Melbourne! Details below:

· Price: Free

· Dates: Monday, May 16- Tuesday, May 24

· Location: King George Square, Brisbane

· Book to secure your spot:  https://www.honeyinsurance.com/#honey-house-section

· For more information on the Honey House: https://www.honeyinsurance.com

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