Christmas is a challenging time for most people.  What with all your crazy family members wanting your time, work deadlines and so many parties to attend, who has time to organise their own epic party? Anna Hewlett from Brisbane Event Spaces outlines her top tips to help you pull together a great night in the right place for you and your group.

The more information you provide a venue, the better their proposal, prices and inclusions will be. If you can let the venue know ‘why’ you are hosting the event and disclose your budget, you will not only create a good working relationship, the venue will understand your needs and provide you with several of the best scenarios.

Really think about the demographic (eg. age, sex etc) of your guests and make sure you accommodate as many people as possible. For example, when you choosing seating options, (standing or sitting, or a combination of both) you will need to consider the demographic of your guests and their needs for the entirety of the event.

You can NEVER have enough good catering – and it always the first thing to be critiqued by your guests. Be sure to include dietary requirements and always have a late-night snack option if guests will be drinking over a long period of time. Most venues offer packages for a time period (usually starting at 3 hours). Consider your budget and what works best for you. Perhaps a bar tab might be more economical?

People often forget to consider transport when organising an event. Guests are more likely to attend (and stay longer) if there they can get to the venue easily and access public transport home (always a problem at this time of year!).

Finally, don’t forget to enjoy yourself at the event – allowing yourself a little time prior to get ready and once all the heavy lifting is done, make sure you relax and enjoy the fruits of your labour!

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Image Credit: Kas Richards

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