Joey Lamattina: King Of Clubs

Dubbed the King of Clubs, Joey Lamattina has created a Gold Coast nightclub empire and made superstars out of a spree of Australian DJs. But there’s more to Joey then meets the eye.

Since 1992, Gold Coast nightclub mogul Joey Lamattina has had one mission: to create the ultimate entertainment experience. With a stable of successful venues such as Platinum Nightclub, LOVE Nightlife, Shuffle and Lil Sister, he’s done exactly that.

Joey began his career at the bottom of the hospitality echelons working as a glassie at infamous Sydney establishment DCM on Oxford Street. This is where his addiction to dance music and own entrepreneurial spirit was born. “In my opinion, it was one of the best dance clubs in Australia,” he says. “After that, I wanted success really bad.” 

After a move to the Gold Coast where he ran a series of clubs, Joey’s passion for creating a unique experience for patrons came to the fore with a venue that has gone on to become a party institution: Platinum Nightclub. The venue, which recently celebrated its 10-year anniversary, has become internationally renowned, regularly hosting premium DJs such as Sebastian Ingrosso, Hardwell and The Stafford Brothers. “Back in 2004, I was running a few clubs in Surfers Paradise and was about to retire from the whole business,” Joey recalls. “Platinum was a commercial club named Kokoz that was failing miserably, but I thought it’d make a shit hot dance venue. I had a vision and it was only going to be a matter of time and hard work, no matter what.” That work ethic and passion has resulted in the club winning eight inthemix Awards.

Joey’s latest project Cocoon Lounge Bar Dining, comes to the newly proposed riverside precinct in Surfers Paradise, where he’s teaming up with a multi-award-winning restaurateur. He draws inspiration for the creation and operation of his clubs from other successful venues around the world. “I’m a massive fan of locations throughout Europe, like Ibiza and Amsterdam,” he explains. “These spots are huge when it comes to state-of-the-art electronic dance music. “

As the manager of Gold-Coast superstar DJs The Stafford Brothers, Joey was also responsible for their self-titled reality television series. The show, which follows the globetrotting brothers as they play gigs around the world, has had two series air on Fox8 since 2011. Among Joey’s newest artists is DJ Brooklyn, who he tips as one to watch.

With rumours swirling for another season of The Stafford Brothers, Joey confirms negotiations are underway. “Right now we’re discussing the terms and conditions of a third series,” he says. “Watch this space.”

Platinum Nightclub
19 Victoria Avenue, Broadbeach
07 5592 4433

Photo credit: Jonathan Jackson


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