Candice Roat: The Powers Of Natural Foods

Candice Roat is a youthful, energetic mother and businesswoman caring about what happens to our bodies and bodies of growing children. Coco Bliss Superfood Collective shows that food can be super healthy as well as super yummy too.

Life is full of highs and lows and I’m a big believer that the laws of attraction, your mindset and your attitude play a major part in your fate.

Just as what you put into life is what you get out of it, what you put into your body is how your body will reward you in return. When fuelling yourself with the right foods, chances are you’ll start getting an extra spring in your step each morning. You’ll sleep more restfully each night and you’ll be swanning around feeling high on life.

It has become accepted that the food we consume affects our moods and health. If your food has preservatives, it’s full of refined sugars. If it says the word ‘artificial’ anywhere on the label or if it contains number codes in the ingredients, then chances are it’s toxic for your body and causing inflammation. Inflammation leads to illness and bad moods.

At Coco Bliss, our belief is in wholefoods. We don’t label ourselves with a diet title. We aren’t fat free, low calorie, paleo, or vegans – although 90% of our food does happen to be vegan. We believe in balance and eating natural pure wholefoods, believing people should choose what suits their beliefs and lifestyle.

It’s actually easier than you think to make the change and reap the rewards of a well-fuelled body and mind and it doesn’t have to be a shock to the system. Start slowly by swapping out the bad for the good little by little.  You’ll barely even notice until you realize you’re starting to crave nutrient rich foods over sugary, artificial ones and you realise you haven’t had an afternoon crash for the day.

Here are some easy swaps to improve your overall wellbeing and lift your moods:

Refined or ArtificialNutrient Rich and/or natural
MargarineReplace with pure natural full fat butter or coconut oil or avocado, if dairy free.
Table SaltReplace with pink Himalayan salt or Celtic salt which are rich in minerals.
Refined SugarReplace with raw honey or A-grade organic maple syrup (unrefined) Both are rich sources in healing enzymes and boost the immune system.
ChocolateReplace with raw chocolate made from raw cacao and coconut oil or cacao butter, sweetened with A-grade maple or rice malt syrup. Coconut oil boosts your immune system, is anti bacterial and increases brain function, while raw cacao is the ultimate mood enhancer, natural anti depressant and anti-ageing.
Ice CreamMake your own by blending frozen bananas and adding whatever natural flavours you like. You don’t need to add any sweetener, because bananas are so high in natural sugars and blended bananas result in a beautiful creamy consistency. Personal favorites to blend with bananas are mixed frozen berries or raw cacao  – and drizzled with pure peanut butter.


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