Candice Roat: The Super Powers of Superfoods

Superfood or Superhype? With every passing year it seems some obscure ancient grain that no one can pronounce winds it’s way into the Western palette, only to be met with rolling eyes and a sigh of indignation. The truth is, some of these foods really do help treat ailments, improve mood and can even be used in a drink or a cake. To help separate fact from fiction, Candice Roat belts out the superpowers of these superfoods. 


The original sweet liquid that honeybees produce from the concentrated nectar of flowers. 

Super PowersNatural, unpasteurized, raw and full of enzymes and antioxidants, antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal, strengthens the immune system.

UseTo sweeten.


Raw Cacao is good for your skin and full of antioxidants.

Super PowersRaw, one of the most antioxidant rich ingredients on the planet and high in minerals. 

Like you would for chocolate. 

ACAI (as-sigh-ee)

The purple berry of Amazonia with significant nutritional abilities when eaten fresh. 

Super PowersHigh in essential fatty acids and anti oxidants, this super berry is energy inducing and slows down the ageing process.

UseAcai pulp frozen smoothie packs and blend them for breakfast, lunch, pre or post workout meals, even dinner – if your addiction runs that deep. 


The unique combination of fatty acids has profound positive effects on health. 

Super PowersOne of the only oils that remains stable at any temperature when heating or cooking without the risk of damaging free radicals. 

UseCook with it, make raw chocolate with it, slather yourself in it, use as lip balm or to treat split ends. Just get amongst it. 


Jampacked with fiber, omega 3 fatty acids, amino acids and high in protein, these tiny seeds pack a superfood punch.

Super PowersThey improve sleep, promote healthy weight, are high in manganese and phosphorous, great for bones and teeth. 

UseSprinkle these little babies on everything and anything you can.


Level up this summer with the ultimate super powerful summer refresher by combining these ingredients

250mLcoconut water
1 Handfulspinach
1 Handful kale
1 tblspnchia seeds
1frozen banana 
1 tblspnraw honey

*For extra sweetness, add some extra frozen banana or frozen mango


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