Wellbeing with Simon Kerle

From the archives: This is from our original site, MyCityLife, posted back on 4 December 2014

Stress is the body’s reaction to challenges, which impacts on a human’s mental and physical well being. The high stress, fast-paced, career-focused city lifestyle seemingly is the polar opposite to an attitude of inner stillness. For in yoga, inner stillness brings balance to the body as a spiritual and austere discipline designed for health and relaxation. Using techniques from breath control to meditation through body positions and attitude, yoga can resolve stress, aggression, and negative energy.

As a former professional basketballer and now owner of Raw Power Yoga studio in Breakfast Creek, Simon Kerle has battled both sides. And he is now dedicated to passing on his passion for yoga. “I couldn’t sleep. I could never see the end of the rainbow,” Simon recalls. “I was barely keeping my head above water.” What changed Simon was the discovery of yoga practice, which is infused to every part of his life. “No matter what you do in life, things will be challenging,” Simon says. “Yoga shows you how to remain calm in very testing situations. I look at how practising yoga daily and meditating helps make everything in my life clearer and simpler,” he reflects. “That’s what we need: life to be simple”.


Eat healthy food and get active.
Do what you love.
Enjoy today.
Give stressful people and situations the flick.
Free your mind with yoga and meditation.
Sleep is vital for our body to repair, recover, grow, and become stronger.

Raw Power Yoga
Breakfast Creek Wharf, Suite 8, 194 Breakfast Creek Road, Newstead
07 3257 1338


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