What Your Favourite Lipstick Colour Says About You

Whether you’re a fan of peach lips or a die-hard fan of the classic red lip, it’s time to find out what your true colours really are.

A frozen margarita (or five) and a night out with your best friends is your idea of a good night. But staying at home with a pizza and Stranger Things is your idea of a perfect night. Well-liked by everyone, the worst thing anyone can say about you is that you’re a terrible cook.

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Bubbly, beautiful and bodacious, you’re a really likeable person that isn’t afraid to admit that they like nice things. If it’s not a green smoothie or a frappuccino, you’re not drinking it. Although you watch tear-inducing rom-coms on a regular basis (Me Before You was the best), the last time you seriously cried was when you dropped your phone in the toilet.

You’re a sucker for pop music and power ballads, but the idea of karaoke fills you with dread. While everyone is in awe of your confidence and your enormous shoe collection, people secretly judge how long it takes you to order food at restaurants (hint: just get the carbonara. It’s a comfort zone that isn’t worth leaving).

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You’re an avid tea drinker with strong opinions and a tough exterior, but you cried when you got your ears pierced. During the day, you like staying inside with a good book, but by night you’re exploring new restaurants and food trucks.

You have an absurdly large collection of statement earrings and clothes from indie designers and boutiques (you’d rather die than go near a Kmart). Your Instagram posts consist of the Contiki holidays you’ve been on with the hashtag #takemeback.

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Your favourite smells can’t be bottled (e.g. old books, the smell of rain and coffee shops) and this troubles you deeply. Sylvia Plath, Frida Kahlo and Daria are your biggest role models and your favourite food is wine. 

You like drinking white wine and wearing cute floral dresses. Cheese boards are the greatest achievement of the human race, in your humble opinion. And if it wasn’t for your short attention span, you’d love to be the kind of person who sews and designs their own clothes.

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Lip Gloss
You’re the kind of person who is far too enthusiastic about Christmas and autumn. You like collecting snow globes, watching videos of cute animals and diagnosing people with their Hogwarts houses. 

Tinted Lip Balm
Known for your practicality and easygoing nature, you refuse to buy shoes that aren’t comfortable. You reckon minimalism is the best thing since gluten-free bread.

Image credits: Lime Crime

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