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Mark Ferguson: From Corporate To Club

Mark Ferguson is the director of gentlemen’s bespoke tailoring establishment Wil Valor and believes that a man can never be too beautifully dressed. 

Many gentlemen have an understanding of what is expected for the corporate world. A well-fitted suit – preferably tailored – white shirt, silk tie and pocket-handkerchief. But most men can improve in the transition from corporate dress level to business or smart casual. This is especially when dressing for a Saturday night dinner or a club or bar. Some men dumb down their look to lighter blue jeans and t-shirt, or non-flattering patterned shirt. The inability to consistently dress well can have negative effects on confidence, but more significantly, diminishes people’s view of you. Dressing well and being stylish is not about being fashionable. Being stylish considers current trends but is more about an appreciation and knowledge of how to combine different colours, styles and patterns for the best look.

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The need to maintain a better dress level is becoming more important as bars and clubs require you to step up your game. To stand out from the crowd and attract the right people, dress well. For example, Prohibition Brisbane requires more of a cocktail dress level. The darker the colour, the more ‘formal’ the garment. For a dress jean, consider dark blue, indigo or black. Look at a collared shirt, but if you must wear a T-shirt, wear it with a jacket. Another option is a coloured chino, odd jacket and designer sneaker. For the more formal suiting approach, show personality. Wear a suit that doesn’t look like a business suit, and play around with features that can be added such as accessories or shoes. Making the effort will have lasting effects and result in a consistently good impression.

Wil Valor
5/41 Park Road, Milton
1300 309 272

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