Stacey Hollands was just 25 when she launched Lust Minerals with an initial $10,000 investment. From a dream to make mineral foundation at an accessible price point, the brand has grown and expanded to include a whole range of products (including the Gradual Tan Moisturiser we’re obsessed with) and a Beauty School program

“Clean beauty isn’t a trend, it’s a lifestyle,” Stacey says. “We really view beauty through a holistic lens, which is evident through the Lust Beauty School Program. We aren’t just selling a product, we’re fostering confidence. 

“I am passionate about showcasing to people that there isn’t a need to sacrifice your health or your skin’s health to achieve real results, you can have both. I have experienced first-hand the effects that chemicals and toxins can have on a person, and also through working in salons and supporting people through their skin and wellbeing journey. 

“I am proud and confident to say that we can provide results, without the sacrifices.”

Since releasing their first mineral foundation, Lust Minerals have continued to add to their range of products, adding skincare and body care products alongside the makeup range. 

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Lust Minerals have added skincare and bodycare products to their lineup.

“We’re formulating our skincare range with potent, patented ingredients—these are ingredients that have clinical studies behind them—reinforcing our message that you can achieve results naturally, and our community has seen incredible transformative results with these products” Stacey says. 

As the founder of the brand, Stacey loves all the products that Lust Minerals produces but right now there are a couple of products she’s particularly enamoured with. “Our new and improved Probiotic Moisturiser + is a staple in my routine at the moment. I’m in my 30s and occasionally struggle with hormonal acne, so I wanted something that supported that, but with added anti-ageing properties. I also can’t go a day without my Rejuvenation Eye Cream!”

Stacey had been working as a dermal skin and beauty therapist before a family tragedy caused her to reevaluate her life. “I had just lost my Dad to cancer, and it really made me realise that life is short and there are no second chances, so it inspired me to think bigger,” she explains.  

“Through Dad’s diagnosis, I also became more aware of the effects that chemicals and toxins can have on one’s health, and the health issues they can lead to. 

“I then spent over two years working with a product developer to perfect the first product, which was a mineral foundation.”

The mineral foundation was the first focus because of Stacey’s teen experience with acne. “It made me very self-conscious,” she says. “Being in the industry [as a dermal therapist], I found so many women were just like me and coming into the salon asking for my help with their skin. A lot of them were using conventional makeup products which was often worsening the problem.

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Mineral foundation was the first product and Lust Minerals have grown since then.

“While there were plenty of natural-based products out there, few combined “clean” and “high-performance” to deliver real results. I also wanted to ensure mineral makeup was accessible as I had noticed that many of the mineral foundations on the market were quite expensive.”

As well as providing quality products at an accessible price point, Stacey is also eager to educate people about the ingredients in their skincare. 

“Our mission is to educate as many people as possible about the power of clean beauty and natural alternatives. We want to deliver products that work, products that are clean and that aren’t likely to cause a negative reaction to the skin. A point of pride for us is creating a range that is accessible, high-performing and best in class,” she explains. 

“We hope to help solve people’s skin concerns with clean beauty products that reveal a glowing complexion, without needing to compromise people’s overall health and wellbeing.”

One way that Stacey wanted to pursue that education goal was through a Beauty School program. “We launched the Lust Beauty School program in February 2024, curated by experts in naturopathy, skincare, makeup and mindfulness to offer a holistic approach to beauty and wellness” she says.

For just $59 (redeemable on product) Lust Minerals provides people with expert-led guidance in skin, makeup, women’s health and naturopathy; personalised skincare and nutrition plans; tutorials; breathwork and mindful living skills; and access to support for ongoing guidance. 

“This brings us another step closer to fulfilling our vision of educating, empowering and inspiring 100 million people worldwide about the power of clean beauty and the interconnectedness between body, mind and skin.”

Elizabeth Best

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