Michael Kemp: The Kemp Law Chronicles

Personal injury may not hold a great deal of prestige, but personal injury is not prejudiced: it can happen to anyone. From a car accident that’s not your fault to the blue-collar worker hurt on the job, or your mum who’s had a slip at the shopping centre: these stories can have a positive ending. But the tale behind Kemp Law Solicitors starts with owner Michael Kemp.

Standing out from the crowd, his imposing form belies a compassionate nature. As a lawyer, that tough presence is necessary, with Michael’s benevolence allowing him to be a successful advocate in personal injury. Michael doesn’t pretend to be an angel but for many, he certainly performs miracles.

Michael’s story starts as a broken family leaving Wellington and arriving to a predominantly Samoan community in Acacia Ridge. “Mum worked five different jobs to look after me and pay for my schooling,” Michael recalls. “It was the inspiration I needed to get me through school and into university. When you’re from a challenging background, you want to get ahead first so you can give back to others who have had similar struggles. I was the youngest equity partner of a law firm at 24,” he reveals. “The success of Kemp Law comes from doing things outside the box that other law firms do, and spending money on generating emotional rewards rather than purely monetary ones.”

Michael uses his experience to cement Kemp Law’s success. “When you grow up in relative poverty, you see and experience the worst of humanity,” Michael accepts. “But I have no regrets. Kemp Law is about providing the best outcome for our clients.” Though in its first year, Kemp Law has enjoyed enormous achievements. “We’ve opened more files with a small team of six, than most top tier firms,” Michael declares. “Clients come to us because we have that personal touch. Our structure has strong foundations, ensuring the best for our clients and the firm.”

He believes that everyone deserves the proper legal representation, which comes across in the way he handles his clients’ cases. “I get satisfaction from seeing clients win their claims, with the means to get on with their lives,” Michael declares. “When they first come to you, their life is often in turmoil. Speed forward two years, their life is back on track and they’ve found a new purpose. We’re probably too personal sometimes,” Michael admits. “We probably care too much. But it is our connection with our clients that drives us to fight that bit harder and push for everything we can to help them.” Growing up in an environment with its own challenges means a sense of empathy to help others get through their own difficulties. “It’s a reality that we need money to live,” Michael concedes. “We try to alleviate a client’s stress by making sure we work relentlessly for them.”

While the process can appear daunting, Michael guarantees there is light at the end of the tunnel with his support. “97% of claims don’t go to court,” Michael contends, “as most generally settle beforehand. We’re a No Win, No Fee firm. We take on most matters we know are going to be successful because we want to help and give hope. Once you see us, we will take away all the stress of managing a personal injury claim. The best thing to do is just call us on 1800 Kemp Law,” Michael directs. “I deal with every new client personally. We listen to people’s stories, and see how Kemp Law can make that story a little bit better.” 

Kemp Law Solicitors
Level 2, 262 Adelaide Street, Brisbane

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