Despite Kemp Law Solicitors long history in legal services, owner and lawyer Michael Kemp’s law firm collapsed earlier this year.

In late June, Queensland Law Society cancelled Kemp’s law practice certificate due to a declared bankruptcy and “no longer a fit and proper person” to be a solicitor.

However, Kemp continued to offer his legal services through social media accounts, trading under the name Kemp Help.

Kemp’s online legal services were taken off social media as soon as the court revealed he had been offering his services between July 6 and August 27, 2021.

Although Kemp took pride in his firm achievements throughout the years, the ex-lawyer’s sudden turnover has left him with a restraining order, which bans him to apply for another period of five years.

The Wellington ex-solicitor’s story starts from a broken family to leaving his hometown and arriving to a predominantly Samoan community in Acacia Ridge.

“Mum worked five different jobs to look after me and pay for my schooling,” Kemp said.

“It was the inspiration I needed to get me through school and into university. When you’re from a challenging background, you want to get ahead first so you can give back to others who have had similar struggles.

“When you grow up in relative poverty, you see and experience the worst of humanity.

“But I have no regrets.”

Kemp said he believed that everyone deserved the proper legal representation, which comes across in the way he said he used to handle his clients’ cases.

While the process of legal services can appear daunting, Kemp said he guaranteed there was a light at the end of the tunnel with his support.

“When they first come to you, their life is often in turmoil. Speed forward two years, their life is back on track, and they’ve found a new purpose,” he said.

But it was Kemp who needed the help this time, as he is now struck off as a personal injury lawyer.

Whether the future of his firm and legal services comes back to life in a few years, will now temporarily remain a closed case.

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