Ellie Taggart | 09 September 2019

Come fly with us, let’s fly, let’s fly away. But before we pack our bags, we are excited to check in to Brisbane Airport’s newest addition, My Lounge- Home of Virgin Australia.

We’ve all been in the situation where you are rushing around an airport or struggling to find a place to rest before you board.

Thanks to a collaboration between British airport lounge operator, No1Lounges and airline company, Virgin Australia, passengers now have the chance to relax in style before boarding their flights. My Lounge- Home of Virgin Australia, focuses on the unique aspects that each brand can provide customers such as comfort and class.

The lounge, which was debuted on Wednesday, September 4, enhances the travelling experience through its convenient positioning of a five-minute walk from the international departure gates. The installation of this airport social lounge comes from the success of Sydney and Melbourne’s The House after its introduction in 2018 and the Brisbane lounge has a view of the runway to be rivalled.

Free entry will be provided to Business Class guests, Platinum and Gold Velocity Frequent Flyer Program members and Virgin Australia Lounge members travelling on their way to New Zealand with a spot in the lounge ensured (no need to squeeze past passengers to a free seat, it’s your lounge after all).

Not flying with Virgin Australia? You can still access My Lounge once checked-in via a pay-per-use basis and who wouldn’t want to join other passengers in a hub of food, drinks, and relaxation? Booking online will grant you access for $60 and in person, it is $70 for entry to the innovative lounge that ensures you unlimited Wi-Fi, television, newspapers, and magazines.

No1Lounges and Virgin Australia have treated you with charging points and comfortable couches that will make you consider bringing a couch in your carry-on to other airports (we can only dream of comfort like that). Brisbane’s My Lounge also features a bar, TV and games room and shower facilities which will help guests put up their feet until their plane arrives.

Want something more substantial than plane lollies to snack on before your journey?

My Lounge also has you covered, with a variety of delicious meals accessible all-day and a menu that will provide you the best of both worlds: from international cuisines to local- produce-based hot and cold meals. The airport lounge is also home to all the drinks you can imagine and thanks to the baristas and bartenders, plenty of coffees, self-serve drinks and DIY cocktails are on the curated menu. Virgin Australia’s island bar is home to the airline’s signature cocktail ‘The Flamingo’ and we recommend trying it before it takes flight (although like flamingos, we think it’s here to stay).

Open from 5am until 10pm, My Lounge- Home of Virgin Australia creates an impressive experience that will ensure a batch of well-rested, happy customers aboard Brisbane’s departing planes. Virgin Australia has pledged to make travelling easier for its customers and it certainly shows in their latest collaboration.

Free Admission for eligible Virgin Australia passengers.

Online guest tickets are $60 for adults and $30 for Children (2-11, infants free).

Booking for My Lounge available here.

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