Nick Warren: It’s a progressive thing

Fresh from Miami, Nick Warren will tour down under, observing the long standing relationship he has with the Sunshine State and enjoying the fruits of this enduring and persistent affair.

This article was originally published on our site – My City Life way back on the 2nd of April 2014

Across the years, Nick Warren has consistently delivered to Brisbane. Sharing a deep relationship with banging beats, the connection between the river city and the British DJ/ Producer runs deep – certainly as deep as the basslines he emits during his sets. Brisbane and Nick Warren have a relationship that lasts through shifting trends and changing ages, and much of it has to do with his abiding delivery in quality production, soaring melodies and banging beats, something which Brisbane deeply appreciates. 

Since cutting his teeth in the late 80s spinning indie tracks, Nick’s star has steadily ascended. From DJing for Massive Attack, to forming Way Out West with Jody Wisternoff, playing the global club and festival circuit back to back alongside esteemed peers, releasing compilations through Global Underground, Renaissance or Balance or simply performing to crowds on stages across Europe, the States, Australia and beyond, Nick’s light continues to shine brightly. Fresh from Miami, Nick tours down under, observing the long-standing relationship he has with the Sunshine State and enjoying the fruits of this enduring and persistent affair. 

As a Superstar underground DJ, you continue to gallivant about the world playing in South America, Russia or across Europe. What else have you been up to?
I’ve been in the studio working on the new Way Out West album. We’ve been talking about it for two years, but since December, it’s really started to kick in. And it’s sounding great. I’m also starting a series with my radio show: The Sound Garden. I’m aiming for a yearly compilation series where I’ll do some of them and get some guests to come in to do the odd one. It’s about concentrating on new artists and giving them a new platform. 

Your sound is constantly evolving yet you remain consistent to who you are. What is the Nick Warren signature sound?
I love throbbing electronic music with lots of melody – but spacier, very trippy, almost trance, without the obvious trance chords and sounds. Almost like a progressive thing but with those deep basslines and great production.

You play back to back with so many other amazing DJs, from Jody to Hernan Cattaneo. What do you have to do to prepare for a back to back set to make it something special?
It’s really not easy, it’s about trust. And it’s quite hard to find people that it works well with. Hernan and I work so well together because we have the same taste in music. The key to playing back to back is not thinking about your record until your partner has played his. you have to guide each other. 

With Jody, what do you bring to the table, and how does Jody counterbalance that?
Jody and I don’t usually take that much from together because our styles of DJing are different, Jody’s uses much more vocal than me. He’ll hate me for saying this, but he’s more girly than me. He gets lots of girls dancing, I get lots of boys dancing. His side is a bit more fluffy while mine is gritty.

You’re touring down under and Brisbane has had a great relationship with you for years. What do you think about Brisbane?
It’s always nice to come back – Brisbane is always great. I will be coming back to the Met; the last time it had a really nice crowd in there. Brisbane crowds are very enthusiastic; always up for it. There are always smiles on the faces in Brisbane.

What can we expect to hear on the dancefloor?
I’m very, very excited to be in Brisbane again. There’ll be lots of new ‘Way Out West’ stuff and I also have a new album coming out in June. I’m starting a series with my radio show The Sound Garden, so you’ll hear that. It’s going to be a great party. I say this every year but I think I have the best music this year that I’ve ever played. But you can let me know when you see me. It’s going to be the last show of the tour so I’m sure it will be a special one. I can’t wait. I’ll see you all on the dance floor!


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