There is nothing more satisfying to the carnivorous appetite than a carcass on a spit. Lance it, roast it, turn it, baste it, devour it. The spit roast has been cast across the centuries as the ultimate form of gourmandisation, and this manner of hedonistic grilling has certainly evolved. The rôtisserie has become a centurial style of roasting: skewering meat on a spit where turning the meat allows it to cook evenly in its own juices. Translated from French into English as ‘grill’, the word rôtisserie first appeared in Paris shops during the 1450s. While King Henry’s spit roasts remain the stuff of legends, the rôtisserie has since become an integral part of modern cooking, from the doner kebab to the taco al pastor. And from Gasworks, Newstead, La Rotisserie brings this roasting method to the inner city.

Escoffierian brigade de cuisine sees all manners of roasting, grilling and frying, and this immediately conjures up images of gluttony and foodie debauchery, but the rôtisserie is, in fact, one of the healthiest forms of cooking. Once the meat is seasoned, the fat simply drips away. The exceedingly health-conscious can always forgo the briny skin for the meat beneath. But the exceedingly health-conscious should also be aware you don’t make friends with salad. There’s no denying what health-giving mixed greens can bring to the table but perhaps consider balancing this with the simple pleasures of lambasted meats. For this is where La Rotisserie particularly excels.

As a family-style and homey eatery, La Rotisserie caters to every type of person and group. Whether fresh from the gym and needing a stock-up on protein and salad; on a date to impress a special friend; or shopping up a storm with family in tow, La Rotisserie’s got you covered with their serving suggestions and combinations. Upstaging the recent health kicks of going paleo, clean-eating, sugar-free, gluten-free, lactose-intolerant and raw food, La Rotisserie keeps it simple, serving up intelligent, healthy and flavoursome goodness.

Here, the humble roast has been elevated to gastronome levels, where the seasoning is piquant to the taste-buds. The menu is specially crafted for GF and lactose-intolerant peeps while keeping clean-eating, paleo-mad raw foodies virtuous and hefty-eaters satisfied. A tasty and creative spread of homemade sauces and relishes compliment ambrosial superfoods, dished up as delectable salad and vegetable choices alongside rôtisserie-cooked meats that are hormone, chemical, cage-free and organic. Fresh combinations from the garden are constructed daily, allowing for libertine palates to never get bored and healthful drives to live a little.

For those wishing to indulge just a little and still feel guilt-free, the famous trait of La Rotisserie sees their slow-cooked meats served with coleslaw on a continental roll, or bread-free on a plate for the GFs (just because you’re gluten-intolerant doesn’t mean you’re uncivilised). Their homemade coleslaw is quite magical, particularly when served alongside the choice of Little Lambie – ten-hour long-cooked lamb; La Wagyu – twelve-hour long-cooked and shredded beef; and La Chick – rôtisserie chicken.

Or if feeling guilty about enjoying life isn’t your kind of thing, the quarter chicken and chips are a signature – and generous – La Rotisserie indulgence. 


Try La Piggy: slow-cooked BBQ pork on a crispy continental roll with coleslaw, and add their famous mayonnaise. Perfect to spread with this combination, mayonnaise on the pulled pork roll makes for the ultimate in gourmet barbeque tastes.

Vegetarians don’t miss out on the beauty – or relish – of rôtisserie food: roasted vegetables are there for the plucking. Wolf down on a medley of baby chats, organic sweet potato and pumpkin; fragrantly seasoned with rosemary, olive oil and sea salt. 


Nan’s homemade tomato and onion relish can be added to any menu item for a complete tasting combination.

Being healthy isn’t limited only to the food either. La Rotisserie has paired up with the legendary Emma and Tom’s Juice company for an array of tasty local greatness in a bottle.


For those in a rush or wanting something on the lighter side, La Rotisserie brings you authentic Vietnamese rice paper rolls, prepared to taste by a recipe handed down through the generations by their very own inhouse Vietnamese expert.

Truly, eating has never tasted, looked and felt so healthy. Francophile inspired interiors with cheery red furnishings and textured metal-feature walls mean the calm energy of the kitchen is a pleasing diversion, adding to the intimate ambience easily acquired with the right company.

Or enjoy the outside under bright burgundy canopies, surrounded by classically French wicker furniture where the avenues of Paris are dished up, straight to your table, alfresco style. This is wholesome European feasting with a straightforward and natural menu in a Parisian setting, laidback and sterling.


People-watching is a cherished past time anywhere in the world, and from Gasworks, guaranteed entertainment will always be served. Just grab your front row seat and enjoy with any of the raw natural salads and a quarter rotisserie chicken. It’s a La Rotisserie must.

Images by Lady Lex

From the archive: This post was published on our original site, MyCityLife back on 8 May 2014

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