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Nine First Date Ideas in Brisbane

Has Cupid been recently shooting arrows into your bottom? Are you still crushing on that certain someone from the past couple of months, or did you meet someone new that you instantly connected with? Either way, it’s time to get things rolling and organise a memorable first date with our trusty, romantic and legendary ten first date activities list!

1. Bike Riding @ Brisbane City Botanic Gardens
This is a great way to see each other’s competitive side come out. It also gets those endorphins pumping and makes for some good laughs. And if things get a little awkward or tense, just bike on out of there.

2. Drinks & Chill @ Brew Cafe & Wine Bar, Queen Street
It’s cosy, there’s mood lighting and it’s never too loud or too busy! You can get to know each other over a coffee and a bagel, or over a couple cocktails… whichever floats your boat.

3. Sunset Watching @ Kangaroo Point Cliffs
Go for a nice stroll along the cliffs and set down a picnic blanket. Maybe bring some chips and dip, and enjoy the sun as it sets behind the city skyline and turns the whole sky orange and pink. Extra bonus: this natural light will make your skin glow and give you killer date night selfies!

4. Waterfall Chasing @ Cedar Creek Falls
It’s a little more out of the way, but it’s definitely worth it. You’ll have time to chat on the car ride there, and then as you walk through the rainforest and swim in the fresh water, you can bond over your love for nature. Who said you can’t recreate that bay-watch scene surrounded by some potential snakes and rocks?

5. Ice-skating @ Iceworld Olympic Ice Rink, Boondall
It’s time to bring out your inner Tonya Harding skills and take the romance to the ring. This is a great opportunity to laugh at each other and see how well you work together in order to keep yourselves standing.

6. Drive-Thru Movies @ Yatala Drive-In
Pack some pillows, pack some blankets, maybe get a pie on your way, and pop into the retro diner for some extra snacks! Then get nice and cosy in the car boot while watching a line-up of great films, munching on snacks, and maybe sharing a kiss or two. Smoochie, smooch!

7. Movie Watching @ Blue Room Cinebar, Rosalie
It’s an exciting take on dinner and a movie. Get there early so that you can choose your meals and have a pre-movie chat while lounging in their comfy chairs. Then pop into Gelateria Cremona next door for some post-movie ice-cream!

8. Day Drinking @ Rooftop Bars
Go somewhere like the Soleil Pool Bar on a Sunday for some sunny afternoon drinks, or maybe hit up Eleven after work if you’re into something a bit more fancy.

9. Gaming @ Netherworld, Fortitude Valley
Bond over nostalgic video and arcade games, and enjoy playing a plethora of board games while getting to know each other over funky drinks and vegan mac and cheese. 

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