Gather around Nutella enthusiasts! We have created a list of the most outrageous, decadent, tasty and Instagrammable Nutella treats that can be found in Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Spoons at the ready…

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Chocolate Komberry Co. | @sarahkwright

Nutella Conuts @Chocolate Komberry Co.
Yes, you read that right! An ice cream cone made out of a doughnut dubbed the Conut. If this deliciousness couldn’t get any better – Chocolate Komberry Co. have created a Nutella flavoured Conut. Everyone is sure to go nuts for these Conut’s!

Straight Outta Constance @ The Doughnut Bar
With 250 grams of Nutella (that’s right – an entire jar!) in one thick shake, this one is sure to satisfy all of your cravings. This beast of a drink is topped with a Nutella filled doughnut, Nutella whipped cream and a row of chocolate.

Nutella Espresso Martini, Corbett & Claude
Now you can look sophisticated while indulging in Nutella sweetness. Made with vodka, Frangelico, espresso, Nutella and crushed hazelnuts, this is sure to be a delicious treat!

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Tella Balls Dessert Bar | @paulpayasalad

Nutello’s pizza @ Cowch Bar
Both pizza and Nutella are very amazing and tasty things – so why not combine them for extra deliciousness? This dessert pizza base is topped with Nutella, strawberries, hazelnuts and salted caramel goodness.

Nutella Banana Gyoza Harajuku Gyoza
Harajuku Gyoza has delivered us a savoury twist on the Nutella trend with their creamy Nutella Banana Gyoza.

Tellabab Tella Balls Dessert Bar
A twist on the traditional Aussie-favorite, this dessert kebab is made with a doughnut pita, filled with milk and Belgian white chocolate shavings, fresh strawberries, fresh bananas, fresh house-made whipped cream and of course, the key ingredient – Nutella!

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Mister Fitz

Tella Lasagna Tella Balls Dessert Bar
This type of lasagna will have Garfield and all the chocolate lovers going crazy! Tella Balls offers up a sweet treat in the form of Nutella Lasagna: offering layers upon layers of chocolate mousse, fresh cream, biscuit layers with Nutella and served with delicious vanilla bean gelato.

Deez Nuts Mister Fitz
Built upon Doughnut time’s original Nutella treat ‘Love at First Bite’, you can now indulge in a decadent mix of a Nutella filled doughnut and Nutella Ice-cream sprinkled with peanuts.

Loaded Doughnut Fries The Doughnut Bar
The Doughnut Bar has raised the bar once again with loaded doughnut fries! Their hand cut doughnut fries are used as a base mixed with Oreos, toasted marshmallows and Nutella sauce. This one is sure to make the most out of your cheat day!

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