PRETTY TALKS, an alt-pop trio out of Sydney have just dropped their latest single Hurt Me, a track that showcases a relationship breakdown soundtracked by glossy pop and retro synths.  Hurt Me has a raw music video about youthful romance and the many harsh realities that can come with the territory, while also drawing inspiration from early 2000s and 2010s pop culture.

We caught up with the guys from Pretty Talks to chat about their new single.

Loving your new single “Hurt Me”. Was the inspiration for this song based on a real person?
I feel like we write a lot of songs by chasing an emotion so whether it’s a current person that you’re experiencing something with or just a random feeling you get when you think about something. Then we like to kind of build a character and story around that.

Do they know you wrote a song about them? Or is that a conversation still to come?
The song is based on a few relationships and a few different people, so a few conversations are still to come, but we kept it vague enough that we may be able to skip those chats!

What’s your favourite break up song?

good 4 u – Olivia Rodrigo. Actually, that whole SOUR album is pretty great break-up-wise.

What is the best relationship advice you could give someone?

Don’t be afraid to ask for the space you need to be your own person and most importantly, JUST TALK

What’s coming up next for Pretty Talks?
We will hopefully be releasing another song before the year is out with a music video to go with it so we’re in the stages of setting that up and were super excited!

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