What is Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris about?

Mrs Harris goes to Paris is a fun, feel-good movie. Set in 1957, Mrs. Harris is a cleaner who lives alone in London as her husband has never returned back from the war. One day at a client’s house, she sees an expensive haute couture Christian Dior dress and falls in love. Scraping, saving, and a bit of manifestation and luck get her just enough money to fly to Paris and try to buy a magical Dior dress of her own. Once she gets there her authenticity and charm lead her to friendships, romance, and adventures.

Who stars in Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris?

Lesley Manville stars as Ada Harris with a remarkable performance. It is sadly unusual to see someone in their 60s as the lead in a major film release, but she carried the emotional rollercoaster of the role with ease. Also starring are Alba Baptista, Lucas Bravo, Rose Williams, Ellen Thomas, Jason Isaacs, and Isabelle Huppert.

Is Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris suitable for children?

Yes, this is a PG film, and unlikely to offend, however, it is not targeted at children and depending on their age they are likely to get bored unless they have a love for fashion.

Is Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris based on a real story?

No, this is not based on a real story, but it is based on a book by Paul Gallico, one of a series of four. Hopefully, this is just the start of Mrs. Harris’ adventures that we will see on the big screen.

My thoughts

I really enjoyed this movie, although I didn’t have high expectations to start with. I am far from a fashionista, but have fallen in love with a dress or two over the years. It’s an amazing feeling when you get a dress that sits perfectly and flatters every curve and makes you want to twirl whenever you put it on. As a single female who is getting on a bit, I loved to see someone in their 60’s finding romance (there may be hope for me yet!). I found Mrs. Harris’ impulsivity, risk taking and carefree joie de vivre inspiring. Definitely recommend.

Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris will be released in Australian cinemas from October 27.

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