QUIZ: Which Prince Consort and friends bar are you?

Most recently known as The Elephant Arms Hotel, The Prince Consort (as it was originally named) has fed, watered, and kept the secrets of all those who’ve ventured through its walls since 1888. And now, thanks to the new owners Tilley & Wills Hotels, it will once again take its rightful place on Fortitude Valley’s centre stage.

The Prince Consort has been transformed to its former glory, while several new unique and exciting spaces have been created throughout the venue, and they’re all now open for business. 

But where to start?

With seven (soon to be eight) spaces, each offering its own different kind of incredible experience, visitors may be at a loss for where to start their evening adventures. Well never fear, as we’ve created a fun little personality quiz to help guide your journey. 

Follow through the questions below and see where you end up. 

Question 1: Given the means and opportunity, would you rather travel to:

  1. Another time in history – Go to Question 2.
  2. Some other place on the planet – Go to Question 3. 

Question 2:  What’s your go to music playlist?

  1. I have one playlist full of songs I love to hear again and again – Go to Question 4. 
  2. I love finding new songs, from the edgiest young local bands – See Greaser

Question 3: Imagine you could go anywhere you wanted for a holiday, where would you go?

  1. Somewhere new and exotic – Go to Question 5.
  2. Somewhere familiar and relaxing – See The Garden Bar.

Question 4: What would you rather watch?

  1. The latest in international sport and racing – See The Prince Consort.
  2. The 80’s fantasy classic, The Labyrinth – See The Bowie Rooms

Question 5: Who would you rather invite out for drinks?

  1. Frida Khalo – See 400 Rabbits.
  2. Willy Wonka – See La La Land.

The Prince Consort

Imagine a collection of old English, Chelsea style pubs…. keep their historic architectural beauty, heritage fireplaces, a glorious staircase restoration, feature a classic bar and bay windows opening to the street outside, and you have The Prince Consort. And like any Royal born in 1888, The Prince Consort likes a wager or two on the horses, the hounds and the odd spot of sport! And so it will be for punters in 2020!

The Garden Bar

An open-air oasis, brimming with botanicals, washed in a palette of pastels and humming with Queensland vibes and its very own stadium screen. And yes, it’s the place for bands to play and music lovers to gather! You’ll be within drooling distance of the Woodfire kitchens, where gastro-pub-inspired fare meets fresh Australian flavours. Think… Slow Roasted Lamb Shoulder, Woodfire Garlic Bread or a mouth-watering Chicken Parmigiana.

La La Land

La La Land blends deep teal, sapphire and forest greens with a menagerie of exotic animals beside rich fabrics and plush textures. Home to a sumptuous bar with booth seating, VIP private rooms and a crystal chandelier-covered dance floor, La La Land is eclectic and unexpected. With cabaret shows and livestream capabilities embedded in the stage design, you’ll go ga ga over la la. 

400 Rabbits

Taking its name from the ancient Aztec story about when the Goddess of Alcohol shook the sheets with the God of Medicine is the 400 Rabbits. Inspired by the small bars of Las Cabos, 400 Rabbits is found on the ground floor and is simply drenched character. Starring a range of tequila and other first pours, not to mention a menu of thoroughly modern tacos popping with seasonal flavours, where better to hop on in this weekend?

The Bowie Rooms

An antler-suspended hallway leads you down to the polychromatic Bowie Rooms. An homage to the iconic Rockstar, The Bowie Rooms feature a hypnotic painting of David Bowie etched directly onto the wall, along with other motley collectables from his stellar career. With plush seating and access to the balcony, these are truly spaces that need to be experienced to be understood.


At home in the original underground cellars of the hotel, Greaser is a boiling pot for young bands to cut their teeth in the Valley music scene. The walls are adorned with vintage photographs, and the bluesy rock‘n’roll vibe provides an edgy backdrop for good times ahead. Leave the posh and pretentious at the door because at Greaser, it’s all about the music and the drinks. Ink is the preferred dress code.

So where did you end up? Are you curious for more? 

Why not keep the adventure going and see them all for yourself? 

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