Sleepy Tea: Top 5 Tracks

Beginning life as the experimental solo project of Brisbane musician and songwriter Tom Wearne, Sleepy Tea has evolved beyond the mind of one person to become a creative entity in itself; a five piece collective of innovative musicians weaving an aural tapestry of ambient electronica and organic instrumentals. It is this shared vision and commitment that has led to the group sharing the stage with the likes of Emma Louise, Matt Corby, The Trouble with Templeton and Rohin Jones. Their debut EP Specks is the product of this vision, and it demonstrates the group’s ability to not only produce tracks that stand out by themselves, but also present a coherent piece of work that makes sense when viewed as the sum of its parts. 

We sat down with frontman Tom Wearne to delve into the Top 5 Tracks that have influenced him the most.

Mutual Benefit – Advanced Falconry 

Earlier this year I had a job in a windowless office punching data into a computer system. It was 8 hours of mindless repetition every day. This album would take me away from my shitty corporate existence to a beautiful alternate reality. I could NEVER go past this song without repeating. Go on, put headphones on and try to listen to this song just once. You won’t be able to.

Firekites – The Counting 

The Firekites first album ‘The Bowery’ was a game changer for me, the acoustic triplets, polyrhythmic drums, Delicate and hard hitting at the same time. It changed the way that I approached rhythms in acoustic music. 8 years later, these guys follow up with a darker sounding post-rock brooder. Layers and layers of gold. Who knew such heart-wrenchingly blissful music could come out of Newcastle.

Jonsi and Alex – Indian Summer 

Most played song on my iTunes. The whole album is in a league of it’s own. I distinctly remember driving though the human sh*tstorm that is the Valley on a Saturday night while this blissfully ambient song was on. Everything became cinematic slowed. I was safe in my peaceful metal bubble watching the beautiful carnage when a nice young lady projectile vomited out of backseat sliding-window of a maxi-taxi. It was forever etched into this song. 

Jon Hopkins – Open Eye Signal 

Music that gives the listener both a sense of inner tranquillity and a jaw tightening urge to profess their love to a complete stranger. Ticking lots of boxes here. The song is only 2minutes in and I’m about to take my shirt off. Yew. Ten camo bucket hats outta ten. 

Ry & Frank Wiedermann – Howling (Ame Remix) 

Sad-man dance music. The contradiction of wistful melodies on top of the driving repetition. Uppers-and-downers combo, the best way to party. This very song has shaped the newest songs that I’m currently writing. Expect the next Sleepy Tea release to be very different from what you’ve heard so far.


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