Why You Should End Of The Line

From the archives: This post is from our original site, MyCityLife back on 6 November 2014

History is a beautiful thing. 

And as a nation clocking up the 226 mark in birthdays, Australia has barely skimmed the surface in terms of bygone times. There’s a candle shop still operating in Barcelona older than we are as a nation. But history connects us, particularly as people. How do we know where we are going if we don’t know where we’ve been? So what we lack in history, we certainly make up for in traditions. For as a country, while we’re raw in nature, we’re conventional in ethics.

Apart from being the hardest word to spell in the world, the Aboriginal connotation of Woolloongabba likely refers to its low laying range forever encouraging to floods, downpours and overflows. But for much of its civilised life, The Gabba’s close proximity to Brisbane centre has seen it serving as a logistics outpost, with rail, trams, buses, taxis and cars in all their many glorious forms, merging towards this industrial nucleus.

And it is from this 1880s heritage that The End Of The Line Festival pays homage to Woolloongabba’s roots – that endowment to legacy and tradition as an inheritance to our future. While Woolloongabba has accumulated a bucket load of heritage listings across the years, Logan Road has emerged as the main vein of The Gabba, with a personality outlining the distinctive aspects that is Woolloongabba.

As The End of The Line Festival descends on The Woolloongabba Precinct this weekend, we explore all the unique avenues, laneways and byways that will converge into a street celebration of food, wine, and antiques as a highly unique block party. Crafted to suit the exclusive postcode 4102 lifestyle, café culture, fine dining, fine wine-ing and antiques are under the spotlight in this unique fair of street markets, live music and entertainment and an antique roadshow,

We delve into the treats, treasures and artists to get you into The Program and see why you should End Of The Line.


Munch through a cosmopolitan exploration of gourmet treats and refreshments to breath life into the spirit

The Pearl Café and The Servery as BAR ESPANOL DE PERLA where the grill fires up and the moritz iced down for an outdoor Spanish bar. 1889 Enoteca celebrates its Italian heritage with the Enoteca Campari Garden, as Sorellina takes its pizza, vino and beer Neapolitan thin and crispy. The Brown Dog Café gets its own Tinny Bar and Frappe Stand. With a firm nod to its Aussie heritage, the Greek influence remains nevertheless. 

Birdcage Restaurant explores Asia, with crispy duck and char sui pork ribs on the menu.

As an official G20 event, TEOTL will see plenty of cultural action. But instead of travelling across the world, travel across the best of Brisbane. Gabba’s Local Crosstown Eating House serves up the customary gastro pub treats of ribs, burgers and schnitzels while Statler & Waldorf Grastronomy Pub crosses the river from Paddington to bring a bit of competitive spirit to the precinct with chickpea burgers and fresh S&W branded coconuts. South Brisbane’s Habitat joins up with provincial sibling Moose & Gibson for a guaranteed outdoor gourmet delight, uniting an outdoor garden with the sublime answer to hangover cures. Canvas meanwhile will be serving up the customary urban tastes in a glass and on a board. Stone & Wood brings its grande Pacific Ale north from the beach of Byron Bay for an ambitious turn into the protypical.

And it’s gourmet food galore as the best in pop up food stalls assault the senses for a marketplace that caters to every foodie whim, from wildflowers to freshly squeezed lemon juice. Absorb by osmosis.


With so much heritage tied up within this quarter, there’s plenty of classic, vintage and venerable on offer. Abuse, use and buy up from these antediluvian areas of olde for these aged and cherished finds:

Absolutely Fabulous
Jamieson’s Home & Fashion
The Bride’s Market


Vintage Taxis from Yellow Cabs 
Penny Farthing Parade
The Skateboarding Association will also be hosting Street Skate Jam for skating to go full tilt.
Horse Drawn Trams from Brisbane Tramways Museum
Little Peach Co. brings le olde letter press back to the new world.
Woolloongabba Antique Centre serves up knick knacks and collectables with The Substation Antiques Collective where bargains will be joined by pop-up stalls featuring local young designers.


A slew of lithified artists come onboard focusing on premium talent. Get your fix whether it be sport, culture or everything in between.

Complete signings from 12noon-1pm and 2pm-3pm as well as helping with AFL Inflatable Activities in Jurgens Street. 

For some 90 years, The Russian Centre has been a fixture in The Gabba arena, so expect the Folklorio Ensemble Samotsvety to be getting their song and dance on with Mad Dance House joining in as well.

And then there be sound, stage and sights with:
Darren Hanlon, The Babe Rainbow, Bullhorn, Thomas Clader, Madri Lumsden, Suicide Swans, Vinnie LaDuce, Golden Sound, Tom Cooney, Maroochy Barambah, Laneway and Emmett & Mabel.



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