The Cool Girl Hair Care Range That Will Transform Your Look

Say goodbye to the sticky, stiff hairspray of the past. Adios to the white, powdery dry shampoo you’re used to. Seeya later frizzy texture sprays from days gone by. And hello to the Hair By Sam McKnight range, four products from a celebrity stylist that have given hair care products a serious upgrade. 

Think smooth matte cans in trendy colours, sleek and chic gold writing and minimalist design. And that’s just the packaging. Sam has taken his decades of experience in the business of hair and channelled them into four products that every beauty gal and any guy who takes care of his hair are gonna want in their arsenal.

For those who aren’t aware of the cult of Sam McKnight, his work has featured on 118 Vogue covers, done runway hair for Chanel, Balmain, Fendi and Burberry. His signature look is put together but ever so slightly dishevelled in that whole “I look effortlessly stylish and cool right now” image. The legendary stylist says: “With these four products, I’m aiming to inject a bit of modern effortlessness into hair. I have created a collection of hair products that are individually hyper-effective yet the sophisticated formulas work together and can be layered. They create hold, volume and texture with easy speed and brushability. These are my ultimate dry styling products, and this is just the beginning. Hair by Sam McKnight is the culmination of my experience backstage and on shoots, delivered in a can.”

Not to mention the fact that they smell so damn good. That’s because the scent was created by perfumer Lyn Harris. Think water flowers, pepper, cedar, juniper wood and herbs; perfection for a man who frequently posts photographs of the blooms in his stunning home and garden.

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Now us mere mortals can get ahold of the signature Sam style through his perfectly curated collection for coiffed perfection. The launch range features four products (but more have been promised) and all of which have kick-ass names to describe their function. Lazy Girl dry shampoo anyone?

So because I’m obsessed with all things hair, I got my hands on the collection to give them all a whirl. Here’s the rundown on Hair By Sam McKnight.

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Lazy Girl Dry Shampoo
When a product is called Lazy anything I am on board because let’s face it, I am super lazy. I use dry shampoo a lot but I absolutely hate how heavy with powder some of the brands can be. A few days of build up (shut up, lazy) usually makes me super itchy. But Lazy Girl? None of that. It’s a super lightweight product that soaks up oiliness like a dream and even gave me excellent texture and volume without dulling my shine like other products.

Easy Updo Texture Spray
When a product is described as “20 hairpins in a can”, your expectations are pretty high. Luckily this one lives up to them. Wanna do a braid, plait, or sleek chignon bun? A piece of cake with this spray. I don’t know how it does it but the Easy Updo spray somehow made my updos stay exactly in place but also somehow gave it a texture that made them look messily effortless. How can a product leave my flyaways there but make them look like an asset? How?!

Cool Girl Barely There Texture Mist
Think Kate Moss tousled bed hair. Sexy yet messy, without a hint of bird’s nest chaos my hair sometimes displays. A spritz here and there and a quick fluff of my hair gave me a beach hair kind of vibe you can usually only get from actually diving in the ocean and letting your hair dry in the sun.

Modern Hairspray Multitask Styling Mist
When I heard this hairspray was meant to be a game changer I was a bit sceptical. Most formulas, especially firm hold ones tend to wind up with me looking like I am wearing a helmet instead of hair, and are crunchy as heck. This one? This one not only left my hair feeling soft and somehow shinier but kept its hold. It also allows for mistakes. If you spray something and it’s not right? Just brush it out and get a do-over. But how can that be long-lasting if it’s that easy to nix, you might be thinking? And the answer is I don’t know probably magic because it was long-lasting as all get out.

I’m seriously impressed with this range. And damn, it really does smell like a gorgeous floral garden. It’s like hair perfume with superpowers and I love it.

Available at Mecca Cosmetica


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