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The Film Scoop: SPECTRE

ABOUT THE WRITER: Simon Taylor is an aspiring writer and director with a love for drama, fiction, scripts and news.

Who is the best James Bond? Try telling anyone over thirty that it’s not Sean Connery and expect a disapproving stare and pained sigh. But Daniel Craig – even with his blonde hair – has risen up the ranks to be one of the most popular actors to play the role. The reason may be that unlike his predecessors, he brings a level of realism to the character. He is a Bond for the modern world. He’s not infallible. He gets hurt, has feelings, and thinks before he pulls the trigger.

Daniel’s four outings have been filled with political debate over the role of spy agencies in the twenty-first century and this comes to a head in SPECTRE.As the new M, Ralph Fiennes fights to keep the 00 Program active when Bond goes AWOL in order to under cover a secret organisation. This globetrotting adventure pits him against iconic Bond villain Ernst Stavro Blofeld played by the brilliant Christopher Waltz who’s previous finesse we’ve seen from DJANGO UNCHAINED and INGLORIOUS BASTERDS.

But SPECTRE is unique among the twenty-four Bond films. For the first time there is a continuing story between the films linking together characters and plots from all of Craig’s outings. This is not the best Bond film. But for the record, it’s also not the worst. Like QUANTUM OF SOLACE, it follows an iconic Bond film. SKYFALL was always going to be a hard act to follow and director Sam Mendes of AMERICAN BEAUTY fame has once again, completed an amazing job capturing the spirit of James Bond.

Like it’s predecessor, SPECTRE mixes together all of the best elements of the classic and modern 007 films. The result is a sprawling moody epic that would be a fitting end to Craig’s run. With the Bond series famous for their opening action sequences, SPECTRE’S is probably one of the best to date. It’s on-the-edge-of-your seat stuff, leaving you wanting more. Q frequently pops up during the film and gets involved in the action like days of old, where we are treated to more gadgets. For a Bond fan, this is like coming home. While Judi Dench is missed, she is not forgotten. Bond still grieves for her and like the stubborn bulldog she affectionally labeled him as, he continues to carry out her final mission. SPECTRE won’t be the last Bond movie, but it does leave us questioning the future of the series. Perhaps Idris Elba might be an option to take up the mantel of 007.

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